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Any growing company needs a sales team. Inbound, outbound, and referrals, sales come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Educating your sales team on the flow of opportunities through a pipeline before the funnel starts to overflow is a critical step. Once an employee is in the office selling your product or service, using your CRM, adapting to your processes, natural sales abilities will only take them so far. With a great computer-based training software, you may even be able to teach a cat how to sell. Here are a few things to consider building in your computer-based training software.


You may recruit some people with sales experience. You may recruit some without. Either way, a uniform experience across sales representatives is the ideal destination. If your company has established a niche, you likely have a few target verticals for your product. Verticals and markets that make great customers for years to come usually have a similar style to your company or you have found the perfect way to bring those prospects aboard.

Once a technique is solidified, your sales team should be trained and updated constantly with changes and improvements. You likely may not ever perfect a technique for your team, but when you use web-based training software to educate and update your team, they can provide feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

Product training

Knowing your product is arguably the most important part of making a sale. If you get a prospect on the phone and can’t answer basic questions about what your product or service is, how it accomplishes certain tasks, how it can help that specific company, and why you’re better than competitors, you lose credibility.

Instead, with timely and reliable responses, your sales representatives build a rapport with prospects. Starting the sales process down the right path can expedite a sale. Training through computer-based training development software means your representatives can refresh skills whenever they start to feel a bit rusty on a feature, competitor, or capabilities.

CRM computer-based training

As many groans as a CRM can cause, automating your sales process can completely transform business operations. Knowing the ins and outs of your CRM isn’t the easiest task. Whether your employees have used a different one in the past or even the same software, custom variations and processes vary greatly between companies.Training your new employees about your CRM with a CBT software means your training can be integrated within your CRM or next to all of the different objects for quick access.

Finding the best computer-based training software for your company isn’t easy. Let us help with our Buyer’s Guide to Training Software here.

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