Comparing Learning Management System Vendors Like Airlines

Comparing Learning Management System Vendors Like Airlines

Spring is almost here, the weather is warming, and people are traveling all over the world to honor their spring break adventure. Choosing which airline will take you to your destination is not a decision to be taken lightly, but also very similar to choosing a learning management system. Any smart consumer such as yourself will want to check all of their options before deciding to invest, but getting off the ground with your comparison can be tough. To reduce any turbulence you might encounter in your trip toward choosing the right learning management system vendors, we laid out some of the first questions you need to know.


When shopping for any product, the price is a good place to start. There are numerous factors that can go into the price of learning management system software. A hosted learning management system could be one larger payment that involves installation on local servers at or near your company. However, most of the top LMS vendors are work under the software as a service (SaaS) model of business. This means they host the app itself, but you get access to all the features you need and pay monthly, quarterly, or annually for their maintenance and upkeep of the entire application.

Customer Service

Airports have just as much potential for horrible customer service as fast food restaurants do. It’s so busy, crowded, and loud that everyone is on everyone else’s nerves. Imagine the breath of fresh air when you come across an airline that encourages good customer service from all their employees. This is a point of sale in a learning management system comparison. Working with a SaaS company is going to require communication back and forth between client and service provider. Over time, the company that you found to have the best customer service is going to make that process a lot easier than someone you have to wrestle with to get ahold of via phone and email.


And that, of course, brings us to the features portion of your learning management systems comparison. Will you have in-flight WiFi? Is there provided food and drink? Direct or connecting flight? These questions are important to ask, just like it’s important to ask whether the LMS vendors have authoring tools, completion tracking, and automation features. Don’t shy away from asking these tough questions before you buy, so you don’t run into the situation of not having something like an integrated API when you need it most. LMS tools range widely across the board from open source free options to big-ticket software buys. Decide what you need before you go looking and your learning management system for business search will go much quicker.

Did we mention that Lessonly’s learning automation software features many of the features listed here? If you want to see for yourself, take a tour.

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