Client Highlight: Navigating (Software) with IU Health

With more than 20 locations statewide, IU Health has a lot of infrastructure to manage: 14,000 team members, hundreds of buildings, all kinds of equipment, rows and rows of parking lots—you get the picture.

And the duties don’t stop there: with the rise of the information age, IU Health also has to maintain its vast network of websites, each with its own library of messaging, graphics, documents, and videos.

IU Health uses Expression Engine—a popular, powerful content management system—to power their web properties. To keep things from getting out of hand, IU Health needs to guarantee that its distributed teams of webmasters (Mom, quick note: webmasters are the people who maintain the websites) use Expression Engine consistently. That includes following not only brand guidelines, but also proper protocols for QA testing and all things legal.

Traditionally, these guidelines and protocols were transmitted via email, face-to-face meetings, PDFs, and various other documentation methods.

With Lessonly, this all changes.

IU Health used Lessonly’s authoring tool to build Navigating Expression Engine. Now, whenever anyone needs to get schooled on the ins and outs of their CMS, IU Health can guarantee that their webmasters are always getting the most consistent, up-to-date information, on-demand.


A snippet of the lesson.

I want to talk more about the principle here than the practice. An organization as huge as IU Health needs to make sure the software that helps run their business is used consistently across hundreds of administrators. Lessonly makes that possible.

So, a few questions for you: What software does your organization use? How do you make sure it’s adopted correctly? Email us and let us know!


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