Client Highlight: Brand Training with Amala Beauty

A brand is a promise of reliability. It carries its own personality, perspectives, and norms.

When you pick up that cylindrical container of rolled oats with the Amish-looking gent on the front, you know exactly what you’re getting into.

That’s the power of brands—they can articulate so much with just symbols, like a swoosh or a partially eaten piece of fruit.

Amala’s brand of all-natural beauty products extends to over ninety high-end and luxury spas and resorts across the world.

This massive reach is a great thing for business, but it does come with some caveats, particularly this one: How can Amala efficiently and effectively educate its massively distributed workforce on the ins and outs of its brand?

Enter Lessonly, and the first lesson Terese and Amala built with it: Amala Brand Training.

With Lessonly’s quizzes and free-response functionality, Terese and Amala can now guarantee that the messaging behind their brand is crystal clear and understood by all who work on its behalf.

So, quick question for you: Is your organization providing consistent brand guidelines to its employees and partners? Let me know at

The Lessonly Team
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