Call Center Training Spending

ICYMI, the ICMI (International Customer Management Institute) conference in Orlando was more magical than Epcot. Not quite as magical as Disney World–c’mon, it’s the most magical place in the world–but still a great insight into the world of call centers. At ICMI, they took a poll to see what call centers would be investing on in the upcoming year. With 29% of the votes, training claimed the top spot over analytics, cloud technology, CRM, and workforce management. While providing around-the-clock service, the only effective call center training would have to be on-demand.

On-demand training

With the phones ringing off the hook, the online chats beeping until the office settles at a steady hum, and the email boxes overflowing, you don’t want to pull your representatives away for training. For a call center, training has to happen at different times for everyone. Whether it’s between calls, during lunch, or even out of the office, on-demand training suits everyone.

With on-demand training, call centers do not suffer the cost of poor productivity due to pulling employees off the phones. Every employee abandoning their post for training is an employee not assisting customers with questions or concerns.

Stable productivity

With on-demand training, you don’t have to worry about a drop in calls answered or a longer average wait time for each call. Call centers see an abundant amount of calls every hour and losing a single employee can increase customer hold time and make it more difficult on other team members. If you want to train an entire call center, you would have to sacrifice reputation for every customer that calls in during that time.

With on-demand training, you can guarantee stable productivity through the learning or growth processes. Employers don’t have to worry about losing status with customers, employees don’t have to worry about how this meeting is going to affect their scores, and customers don’t have to worry when the phone rings 200 times.

Start training your employees at their convenience and stop risking the loss of customers here.

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