Bobby Knight’s Ideal Corporate Compliance Training Platform

Bobby Knight’s Ideal Corporate Compliance Training Platform

The simple fact is, corporate compliance training has to be done. Just by the corporate compliance definition, it is something that must be done to teach employees procedures and policies to help employers conform with laws and regulations. Drawing a parallel to college basketball, practice is another necessary part of the sport. If we brought in Bobby Knight to coach us through our corporate compliance training, these would be his top suggestions for completing the process.

Keep it simple

There are plenty of employee training best practices be it for corporate training, compliance training, or employee onboarding. One that often gets overlooked that Coach Knight would implore upon us, again and again, is to keep it simple. Much like his basketball philosophy, keeping compliance training as simple as it can be will go a long way in making information digestible and memorable. We think Coach would appreciate Lessonly’s minimalistic learner interface that focuses on the information being entertaining, but presented in a fluid way.

Don’t skip anything

Coach is notorious for enforcing his players stay in class and do as well on their studies as they do on the court. Corporate compliance training courses are the same way. It’s all about discipline. Sticking to the guideline and fulfilling the plan to its completion is often the only way for compliance training to be certified. Fields like healthcare corporate compliance program and information securities are positions where training matters. Lessonly is learner-focused, providing an easy-to-use interface that learners can enjoy with GIFs, funny pictures, and video. As long as the studies get done and it translates to completion on and off the court, Coach Knight approves.

Be accountable for the results

Training doesn’t always get done perfectly the first time. Quizzes and questions aren’t always answered correctly, the trick is being able to do it again. Coach Knight would no doubt approve of the Gradebook capabilities that Lessonly can bring to the corporate compliace training world. As learners go through their lessons, completion percentages and grades are updated for all admins and team leaders. Quizzes and questions can be implemented throughout the lessons as well to keep your learners engaged with the content. This allows them to see who passed the test with flying colors and who might need to run a few more laps after practice is over. Corporate compliance jobs are generally measured on compliance because of the need-to-know information sets that come with healthcare, financial services, information security, and the like. You can bet that Coach would want to see every one of his compliance training take accountability for getting their training done to the fullest.

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