Doing Better Work, Together

Five years ago, Lessonly was started to bring a fresh approach to learning best practices at work.

Before we wrote our first line of code, we assessed the traditional learning management systems (LMSs) that were chiefly designed to help human resources administer compliance policies and standardize management practices. We found these offerings to be as much about learning as Diet Coke is about dieting. Anyone can see why they chose the label, just like anyone can see what a stretch it is.

When we discovered just how many frontline workers were hacking their way to a clear understanding of their roles, propped up by a tenuous cocktail of inference, shoulder taps, one-off meetings, and Slack chats—our motivation skyrocketed. We wondered how these folks felt about their companies putting so much effort into compliance policies, while the essential information they needed to actually do their jobs was left blowing in the wind.

Five years and a million learners later, we still show up every day focused on delivering a training platform that is purpose-built for modern teams and the ways they capture and benefit from work knowledge.

Five years and a million learners later, common tasks, techniques, and approaches are shared via Lessonly tens of thousands of times a day, by—and for—all ranks and roles, within hundreds of organizations.
With each new or updated lesson, that once-abstract goal of doing great work becomes more real, feels more practical, and resonates more meaningfully.

I reflect on this because today marks an important milestone in our business.

Today, we are happy to announce our Series B raise of $8 million, led by OpenView. With this capital, we’re going to double down on Lessonly’s commitment to help people do better work—and reimagine the future of team training along the way.

We’re convinced that success at work starts with learning. We want to reduce the friction in capturing, updating, and accessing work knowledge. Today, we prompt, suggest, and share customized content as employees go about their daily work—when that moment of need calls for this specific insight, Lessonly is there.

But learning is just one half of the equation. The best teams take what they are learning and apply it through dedicated practice. That’s why we’re investing in a suite of practice offerings that will help employees hone their crafts, while managers guide and coach along the way—from anywhere in the world. All in all, we’re banking on a simple and time-tested formula:

Learning + Practice = Performance

For our customers, this equation pays remarkable dividends: Sales teams improve ramp time, deal velocity, and quota attainment. Customer support teams reduce response time and raise customer satisfaction scores. These are the teams where the pressure is highest—they cannot falter on quality, even as the processes, products, and promotions that impact their work constantly change. These teams often feel relief when using Lessonly, and their stories inspire and spur us on towards new heights.

We are just getting started, but I would like to wrap things up with this: If you’ve ever taken a Lessonly lesson, told a friend about us, bought our software, or just sent us an encouraging note—thank you. You’ve played a meaningful role in our journey and helped us hit these exciting milestones.

Let’s do better work, together.

Lessonly Raises $8 Million Series B to Reimagine Training for Over 1 Million Learners
One Million Stories...And Counting