Best Practice Topics for Sales Enablement

At Lessonly, we see many of our clients using our software to create easy-to-consume sales enablement lessons that often times are used on mobile devices out in the field. The topics to cover within sales enablement are many, but here are a few categories of content we see people sharing with their sales staff. If you have any topics you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.

1. Buyer insights

Effective sales enablement teams can provide salespeople with the kind of deep buyer motivations and behaviors that give salespeople what they need to understand why people buy your product or service. Empowered with a keen understanding of what is most motivating to a prospective buyer, a salesperson can know which features and benefits to focus on to win the deal. Be sure to document the most common objections in the sales process, combined with the best answers for each to ramp up your sales output.

2. Company insights

It’s not enough to discuss individual prospect personas in the B2B sales cycle, these sales teams should have a thorough understanding of the types of companies that are most likely to buy. Create profiles of these companies that can be used for prospecting, including company size in revenue and employees, industry, growth rate, age, and any other factor that is critical to your business.

3. Territory insights

It has often been said that the most important part of real estate is location, location, and location. The same thing can be said about selling any product if the sales team is split into territories they are responsible for. A certain level of knowledge about each territory should be conveyed to make sure salespeople are on the same page. Factors such as lifestyle habits, language spoken, local customs, and even general outlook on life for the region should be discussed.

4. Industry insights

Just as investors should be aware of the shifting trends in the markets they invest, salespeople should be aware of the trends in their industry. Create sales enablement material to help them do so by discussing topics like seasonality, changes in technology, the competition, changes in consumer behavior, and shifting pricing models.

Again, these are just a few ideas you can use to help enable your sales team better. Once you have gathered the information you deem necessary for your sales team, it’s crucial to deliver it and track it in an easy, affordable, and scalable way.

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