Best Online Training Software for Small Businesses

The life of a small business can be a tough one at times. Tight budgets and small operations don’t always lend themselves toward extra money to be invested in anything frivolous. However, one variable remains constant from grilled cheese food trucks to hand-crafted lawn chairs — employees. Team members need training at every job and for anyone looking for small business training programs, we have some suggestions on how to find the best online training software fit for you.

Online training courses

Looking for online employee training software will undoubtedly lead you to a wealth of online training course options. Traditionally, these courses are for longer, deeper dives into a topic and could be the perfect fit for your small business sales training. At the same time, this specificity makes it hard to scale these online training courses for employees outside of sales. For small businesses that need one training solution for every employee, this isn’t very cost-efficient. Investing instead in an online training software like Lessonly means one solution can be used for all of your online training needs.

Why an open source learning management system might not be best

When budgets are tight, open source and free online training software starts to look like a very attractive option. Unfortunately, these systems often require a lot of knowledge to keep running smoothly. Being open source, your small business would have to wait for the community developers to fix any bugs and push updates to your “free” online training solution. Your employees signed up to travel the world and sell grilled cheese out of a truck, not code a training program! By finding the right training software within your budget, you can leave the bug fixing and development to its creators and your small business can go back to doing what it does best.

Web-based employee training with Lessonly

If the previous two options weren’t fits with your training needs, a web-based training software is another option. These lightweight and flexible applications are often developed and sold as software as a service product. Accessible through internet browsers and often accompanying applications, employees can complete their training on cell phones, tablets, and laptops; wherever works best for them. Lessonly offers many of these features as well as the training tracking software to keep tabs on completion rates. The freedom to take lessons when and where your employees like gets rid of those groans normally associated with small business employee training.

Still on the hunt for the best online training software for your small business? Tour Lessonly as part of your research.

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