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Bad Customer Service Examples and How to Avoid Them

Whenever I experience bad customer service, I’m shocked and occasionally speechless. Being considerate should not be difficult, but sometimes bad customer service is not equivalent to being inconsiderate. People can be very kind while still offering insufficient customer service. That might seem confusing, so we’ll run through some bad customer service examples and how to avoid them:


If your first job as a student was at a local restaurant or retail location, you might not have had training. Just yesterday, we went to a local fast food joint and the woman who took our order said, “I have no idea how to do that. Let me ask someone.” Of course, we didn’t mind the brief wait, but that’s not an efficient way to run a business.

It wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t trained, they probably just threw her on the register and thought she could figure it out. Regardless of how easy you think your system is, you should still have a training period to review different processes while offering to be a mentor during that time.

Keeping your ethics

The most important aspect of customer service and business, in general, is maintaining your ethics. I once heard a story about a frozen yogurt shop that charged customers by the oz. Just like Jay-Z, they sold cold goods by the o-z. Whenever the froyo was weighed, the manager told the employees to put the spoon in it and add a few tenths of an oz.

Even though it’s probably the same cost if they just raised their prices, it just makes you feel gross. I would much rather know the company was raising their prices rather than shoving a spoon and fudging numbers every time I bought my cookies and cream froyo.

The same woman was also working employees past their legal working hours. It just sets a poor example for employees to grow up and work in that environment knowing that the owner was getting away with running a business unethically.


This seems like an easy one. But a lack of smiling can end in negative Yelp reviews by those customers who may be having an off day. Although your resting face may not be the most pleasant, it can completely revitalize a transaction when there is a smile in the process.

Maintaining a smiling atmosphere in your business throughout operating hours is crucial, but it can be difficult. To keep your employees smiling, provide a great atmosphere. Consider taking some time to do some team-building exercises with your employees. When you show your employees how much you value them and take some time out of their day to do some fun activities with the team, they will enjoy the company atmosphere more.

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