(Super)Groups: Auto-Assigning Lessons to New Group Members

We launched Groups a couple months ago, and we’ve been thrilled to see how much our clients are using it.

The intention of Groups was simple: you told us you wanted to be able to add people to groups; then, you wanted to be able to assign lessons to those groups and easily track the progress against those assignments.

Today, we are introducing an update to Groups that, ideally, will make it even more useful to you: Now, when you add new members to a group, you can tell Lessonly which assignments those new groups members should automatically receive.

It works like this…

If I want to add a new member to my Client Success group, I’d start by click the People tab:
Then, I’d select my desired group:
Then, I’d click “Manage Group.”
You will notice a nicer user interface on this page, with a list of every person in your Lessonly instance and checkboxes for adding or removing them from the group.

But here’s where things get cool. Check out what happens when I add a new member to the group:

Adding a new member to the group reveals a list of all the lessons that have been assigned to this group in the past. As you can see above, I opted not to auto-assign Abby to “Using Pipedrive,” but I do need her to take the other two lessons, so I left them checked.

In closing…

As I mentioned, this advanced assignment functionality was built to make Groups that much more useful.

If you have any feedback, please, let us know!

—Max at Lessonly

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