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Announcing Yellowship

About a month ago, my teammates and I sat down with a few of our customers to catch up over dinner. We ended up talking and laughing for three and a half hours. This is not the first time I’ve had a meal like this, and it won’t be the last.

We’ve found there is no better way to deepen relationships than getting face-to-face with our customers. This sort of fellowship takes work connections and turns them into friendships.  

So, in the spirit of fellowship, relationships, and learning, we’ve decided to do something new. We call it Yellowship.

Yellowship is Lessonly’s inaugural user conference. Over the last five years, we’ve noticed that when we learn together, we win together. That’s why we’ll spend a few days in April learning from some very inspiring people, laughing at average and above average jokes, and eating good food (you might not know this, but Indy has a reputation for good food these days).

Above all, Yellowship is a reminder about the power of being face to face with other people—and growing as a result. This beautiful website spells it all out for you.

I hope you can make it,


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