Aim for the Cloud With Web-Based Training Software

The cloud. That word and idea that has been around for ages, but has recently taken on a new millennial spin. When it comes to “the cloud,” there are two types of people: those who try and find shapes in the sky above them, and those who are busy putting this technological advancement to work for their company. Adopting this cloud-based project management style for training and learning can produce tangible benefits for the right company. Here we’ve listed a few of the upsides of implementing a web-based training software and the cloud into your learning schedules.

Cloud hosting

If we take a look at the web-based training definition, the service one that is connected to through an internet browser via the widely-used internet or a more local intranet. Moving to web-based training courses means shifting toward the cloud. The training is most often hosted on servers that you connect to via the internet rather than software installed locally.

These training providers are called software as a service, like us here at Lessonly. We host the application, data, and servers and give you all the access you need to train your employees. We take care of any server trouble on our end and provide timely updates consistently, taking a lot of the mundane and tedious tasks of software upkeep off your shoulders so you can get back to running your business and doing what you do best.

Virtual classes that scale

The switch toward web-based training tools also means that time-consuming and paper stacking training documents of old can finally be retired. Elevating everyone to the cloud and enabling more employees to be trained more easily is one recurring theme in web-based training software reviews. More users doesn’t mean slower grading either — the best web-based employee training systems offer tracking and grading in near-real time.

Enable mobile learning

Ease of software access is a big part today and the future of mobile devices. By implementing a cloud-based training system ahead of the curve, your team can get used to training on whatever device they feel most comfortable with. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops all have different screen sizes and operating systems, but cloud-based training management takes almost all of the guesswork out of figuring out if your software will run on a certain device.

Ready to embrace the cloud and web-based training? We think that Lessonly would be a perfect fit. Learn more here.

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