Add Easy Video Capture with ilos

Add Easy Video Capture with ilos

Video provides an easy way to train employees and support your customers. But you’ll often find it unwieldy thanks to huge file sizes and complicated editing software. In looking for a resource for our users to easily capture videos for visual training methods, we wanted something as simple to use as Lessonly. We’re happy to announce we found that partner in ilos.

ilos Makes Video Simple

Using ilos, you can visually record and share an idea with someone. In addition to video recording, screen capture, and voiceover capabilities, ilos reduces the time spent refreshing video content by automatically updating videos anywhere they’re hosted. A video on Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube will update across the different platforms after you make an edit in ilos. Lessonly works the same way when updating lessons, so we think that’s pretty cool.


The Lessonly and ilos Partnership

Available to all clients in our Growth Package, ilos can seriously boost your training abilities. Customer support teams can screen-record video of troubleshooting techniques with an automatically generated shared link to either place inside a lesson, or they can send it to a customer having trouble. Sales reps can easily create lessons on personal efficiency tricks they’ve learned in your CRM of choice. This is what we call “indigenous content.” With Lessonly, knowledge sharing will flourish when internal teams can record unique workflow processes and create lessons around them.

We’re really excited for what ilos brings to the table for our existing Lessonly clients. If you’re interested in activating ilos on your package, reach out to our Client Experience team at for more details.

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