The Dinner Table Gets Another Chair: Welcoming Aaron Milam

Aaron Milam is a quiet soul, sporting a mischievous, endearing smile. Barely forty hours into his new gig at Lessonly, he’s already pushing our application forward at a breakneck pace.

It’s a sight to see, and it’s left the team and me smiling all week.

(That’s Aaron up there, with the full-on beard.)

For any of you who haven’t heard the good news: on Monday, June 16, Aaron joined Lessonly as our first lead engineer. Previously, he spent seven great years working with SEP.

Aaron’s been tasked with the not-small responsibility of directing and developing the Lessonly app to infinity and beyond.

Aaron’s presence will affect our clients in a whole slew of ways, from greater application reliability and speed, to shorter development cycles.

Essentially, things will be all:
On behalf of the team, welcome aboard, Aaron!

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