A Simple New Employee Checklist

Where are the plane tickets? Don’t forget the sunscreen! I think I forgot my swimsuit. Did I lock the door? If you have ever been preparing to leave for a trip, you have probably heard similar phrases.

Packing is a task that I dread. I am always afraid I will forget something that I will need. Taking too little in my suitcase will make me unprepared. I typically then overpack and bring way more clothes than I need. Normally when I travel, it is not a problem how much I bring. However, that was not the case for my last trip.

Whenever I go on a trip, I want to make sure I don’t forget anything I would need; however, this time, I was limited to one 50-pound suitcase. Before packing, I looked at the trip itinerary and made a checklist for what I would need. The checklist allowed me to be completely prepared for the trip. My trip was great because I had everything I needed for the trip. Thank you, checklist!

Checklists reduce failure by ensuring that no important items are forgotten. Creating a checklist for your new employee will make the onboarding process properly prepare him. The checklist will ensure consistency and completeness in employee training.

One of our goals here at Lessonly is to help our companies create the best onboarding process for their new hires. A new hire checklist is a great way to help get your employees properly settled in your company. We have provided a simple new employee checklist template builder that allows you to create training plans for your company. From new employee forms to socialization procedures, we included all the categories you will need to choose from.

Do not try and pack too little in your training and leave your employee unprepared. You wouldn’t want to go on vacation and run out of clothes. Also, do not overpack training and overload your hire. You would not want to get on a plane and not be able to take your 55-pound luggage.

When you create your checklist, make sure you include enough information that if someone picked it up, they would still be able to figure out what you expect to achieve in your employee training.

Do not leave any information out. Do not repeat yourself. Create a checklist and ensure that you pack the perfect amount of information into your training.

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