A Lovely Audio Hack

If you’ve ever wanted to figure out how to put audio in your Lesson, one of our clients figured out a lovely hack to do just that.

For example, did you know that Lessonly’s video integration can also support audio? Turns out, thanks to our partners at Embedly, it’s true! So, when they were building a Lesson and wanted to add a voiceover explaining the ins and outs of one of their content partner’s services, they added a SoundCloud link to Lessonly’s Video placeholder, and the rest is history! Here’s how easy it is to add audio to your Lessons: simply upload your audio file to SoundCloud, copy the link, and paste it, like so.

Soundcloud and Lesson.ly

P.S. Audio renders lovely on your mobile and tablet devices, too. P.P.S. Spotify links work, too, if you want to give your Learners some tunes to jam to while they get up to speed.

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