7 Reasons Why Self-Evaluations Are The Secret Ingredient to Success

Employee performance reviews open up constructive communication between supervisors and employees. The traditional evaluations create one-way conversations. Letting your employees perform a self-evaluation and grade themselves on the same criteria you are discussing with them creates a two-way conversation to success.

7 Reasons why self-evaluations are the secret ingredient to success:

Gain Insight

Employee self-evaluations allow you to know what they are thinking. Find out how the employee sees himself. See how they think they are performing and learn where they want to go. Self-evaluations give employees control in a process where normally they have no say.

Initiate Dialogue

When the employee knows what they will be evaluated on, the dialogue will come easy. Having the information that will be reviewed allows the employee to prepare for the conversation. This creates open communication between managers and employees.

Facilitate Employee Development

Self-reviews let employees tell managers their goals and get management involved in helping those goals be achieved. Self-evaluations help the employee reflect on areas where they need to grow that may not have been seen from a management perspective.

Build Trust

Empowering employees to self-evaluate their responsibility. Giving the employee the opportunity to share their thoughts shows that their opinion matters. It creates a bond between the employee and manager.

Creates Accountability

Self-performance evaluations get employees to pinpoint their weaknesses. The employee is more familiar with their work than the manager. They know where they can grow. The employee will feel personally responsible to self-evaluate their work.

Less Incriminating

Employees do not have to be shaking in the shoes about what the boss will ask. They know the questions and evaluate themselves. By putting themselves on the evaluation side, they see their mistakes and more likely to learn from them. Self-performance gives employees the opportunity to correct problems in a nonjudgmental manner.

Relieves Stress

Employees do not have to go into a performance blindsided. No longer do they have to stress about what is to come. Insight into what they will be evaluated on creates peace-making the employee more relaxed.

Self-evaluation is the key to success. There are many benefits that self-evaluations bring that typical evaluations do not. Opening up constructive communication between managers and employees is what will make self-evaluations effective. Learn more about employee evaluations and try Lessonly out today here!

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