6 Things Employee Training Software Can Do For your Company

The importance of employee training on a regular basis can’t be understated in the modern age. But if you are not using an online training system, your employees and your company can be falling behind the competition. If you haven’t thought about which version of employee training software to use or how it can be implemented to improve onboarding, brush up on the basics, or introduce new systems to your team, you should commit to doing that this year. Here are some of the great online training solutions that Lessonly can provide.

Reinforce Basic Knowledge

If your employees need to periodically brush up on basic knowledge or systems, computer-based training development software is a better way to do it. Online employee training eliminates the need for a trainer to come in and go over the same materials, year after year. This is also more efficient as teams can revisit training materials as often as they need for a quick refresher. Online employee training software is more effective at reinforcing core knowledge than forcing your employees to sit through lengthy classroom training.

Offer Flexible Employee Training Solutions

Online training courses for employees are better for the employees and better for the business. Training is going to take time away from your company making money. But by utilizing employee training management software employees can learn between tasks or during downtime wherever they are. This helps employees avoid backlogs by accessing the training during their lunch break, on the road, or even from home. Which sounds like a better option: A) Pulling an entire team off of a project for a training session, or B), letting each member of the team go through the training on their own time? Definitely option B!

Provide Accessibility to Everyone

Online employee training and development has another benefit over traditional classroom training: accessibility. More and more companies are utilizing remote employees, so it makes sense to use an online employee training platform. When your employees can access the training software anytime they want and from their location, your staff is more likely to get through the entire training much faster. In addition, employees who are quick learners will be able to rush through the training and begin implementing the core concepts that much sooner.

Improve Knowledge Retention

Another great thing about training apps for employees is that they can offer multiple ways to learn the materials. You can set up your employee training management software so that the materials are available in both video and text format, for example. Some learners are more visual, and they will retain the contents better by watching videos, while other employees do a better job learning from text. Online learning for employees offers you multiple ways to deliver the materials, so each user can access the training in their preferred format. You already know that you have different types of employee learners, so it makes sense to offer different types of employee training.

Increase Employee Morale

You also can boost morale and even improve employee retention through the use of employee training software. Let’s face it. Very few employees enjoy sitting down in a classroom setting to learn materials because it feels a lot like “school.” Using training apps for new employees is especially important. Surveys show that nearly half of employees will leave their job within the first year if they don’t receive the proper onboarding and training. A quality online training program makes great sense because it can be used to get new employees up to speed and increase overall employee retention.

Save Money and Time

Online employee training saves money both upfront and in the long run. You save costs by not having to hire a trainer, which is an immediate reduction. Plus, once you have an established training program for onboarding, it can be kept in place for years to come. We’ve already talked about employee retention, which is another way that you’re saving on costs. If reducing training costs through a system also works to boost employee morale, it’s a win-win for you as an employer or manager.

Do Better Work with Lessonly’s Employee Training Software

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