6 Must-Have Tools for Remote Sales Professionals

Working from home can be difficult, especially if you aren’t used to it. Being a remote sales professional can be even harder if you have to keep track of your appointments, host video conferences, and collaborate with your coworkers all from your computer. Before you know it, your workday can become overwhelming and stressful. 

To make remote work more manageable, you can use these digital tools, software platforms, and online applications to make your workday easier and more efficient. 

Banking App

While traveling to see customers and prospects may be on hold right, it’s likely is a significant part of your work lifestyle. Which means you might need to track your expenses to be reimbursed. To avoid having to save receipts, consider setting up a dedicated online checking account for your business-related expenses. Each time you charge a purchase to your debit card, you can use the banking app on your smartphone as a record of your transactions. 

For international trips, having a mobile financial service without fees can also prevent any additional charges while traveling abroad. With most banks charging you for foreign purchases, you can save a lot of money by having a debit card without transaction fees. If you need more funds while traveling, you can even transfer money from your savings account using your mobile device without having to visit a bank. 

Online CRM

Like most sales professionals, you probably have a long list of customers and prospects that need managing. Using a spreadsheet or a piece of paper can be problematic if you have a large number of clients or need to track the customers’ stage in the buying process. Simplify this system with a customer relationship management platform, otherwise known as a CRM. 

Using a CRM not only makes managing your client list easier, but also makes organizing and reporting faster and more accurate. By having a system in place to create a uniform process of collecting customer information, you can ensure a higher quality database. A CRM platform can even allow you to automate some of your repetitive tasks, like setting up follow-up appointments, sending emails, and updating records, which can save you a lot of time in the long run. 

Email Marketing Platform

Depending on your work, you might send frequent follow-up emails to your potential clients and customers. Instead of typing up a draft of black text, you should be creating a customized newsletter full of colorful images and calls to action. While building this kind of e-blast could be time-consuming, it could lead to higher conversion rates and more sales. 

By using an email marketing service, you can quickly design and deploy newsletters to specific lists of recipients. Just upload a file of prospects from your CRM and start making a newsletter with a pre-made template. Most platforms even allow you to add your own high-quality photos so you can show off your own products. Then once you are finished, you can send the email right from the platform without having to integrate it with your email’s inbox. 

Digital Calendar

With a constant stream of phone conferences and video calls, you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of your appointments. Attempting to keep a paper calendar may be challenging as each time you have to cancel or reschedule a meeting, you need to manually change your entry. To streamline your process, utilize a digital calendar that can make booking appointments faster and easier. You can also create daily reminders, so you’ll never be late for a meeting again. 

Google Calendar is a popular option for many professionals as it can sync up between multiple devices. You can manage your calendar from your phone instantaneously, and the changes will be automatically updated to your computer or tablet. For teams, a digital calendar can make collaboration easier as well, since members can see each other’s daily schedules. 

Training Software 

No matter what your teaching style is, training your fellow sales team members can be difficult. Whether you are training a new hire or implementing a tool for ongoing education to your team, using a training program can make the process more manageable. By integrating your training with an online service like Lessonly, your team can role-play scenarios, submit feedback, and practice new skills, all while working from one platform in any remote location. 

To get your program started, just create a group lesson for your team members to complete. From there, they can take quizzes and finish assignments to show their understanding of the subject. Reporting also allows you to assess your team’s progress and identify any knowledge gaps that need to be fixed. 

File Sharing

Whether your team is big or small, sharing sales materials can be challenging between members when you work from home. To make group collaboration easier, use a file-sharing platform to allow your colleagues to work on projects simultaneously. This system helps your team save time and will enable you to instantly back-up vital documents. That way, you never have to worry about losing files to a faulty hard drive or stolen device. 

File-sharing is also useful when working with clients who need to have access to specific files. As long as you share the documents over a secured network, your customers can safely view and edit forms or paperwork without having to leave their offices. Plus, you don’t have to wait for documents to be sent through the mail, where they could be lost or stolen. 

Using digital tools to accomplish your responsibilities can make you more productive, efficient, and less stressed. Spending less of your day doing tedious tasks will allow you more time to focus on your customers. 


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