5 Ways to Drive your Sales Team to Success

Sales leaders, welcome to the new paradigm.

It doesn’t matter if your product or service is the best in the world. If your sales team doesn’t have the right resources and training, you will lose sales.

With so many advances in technology, there’s no reason not to use sales enablement software to improve everything from sales content to training. The right software will be a comfortable fit for your company culture while providing valuable support that directly helps you meet goals.

What is Sales Enablement?

The best way to think about sales enablement is as a strategy involving not only sales and marketing, but all customer-facing roles. This can include everyone from customer support and field services that help implement the training programs and technology needed to drive initiatives forward. 

Write this down: sales enablement tools are not a high-tech cure for inefficient sales and marketing teams.

Sales enablement isn’t just about the tools used, but it isn’t just about the practices used either. The two must work in sync. At its core, sales enablement framework arms those in customer-facing roles with the necessary tools and materials to effectively engage with buyers. It’s a strategic focus that removes barriers for these teams and helps reps optimize their performance and productivity. 

Benefits of Sales Enablement

Today, implementing sales enablement strategy gives organizations a flexible framework for keeping up with consumer expectations. Buyers want their interactions to mirror their daily experiences with consumer brands and digital media. A sales enablement platform is beneficial in a way that will show:

  1. Increased revenue
  2. Shorter sales cycles
  3. Better sales and marketing alignment

The best sales enablement programs allow you to spot mistakes faster. Plus, they give you the data to make the necessary corrections and drive your sales team to full potential.

What’s the Best Way to Drive Your Sales Team?

The best sales managers will go to the extreme to motivate their teams. They pull out all the stops—huge kickoff meetings, trips and incentives, giant commissions. But big and flashy can’t fix a motivation problem. Here are some of the best ways to drive your sales team:

1. Set goals

This one may be obvious, but it’s important. You need to give your salespeople a goal to reach. Without a goal, they won’t know what to aspire to or what constitutes success. Choose something that’s achievable but not easy. It should still be a reach.

2. Build trust

To be an effective leader, you need to gain your employees’ trust. The best way to build trust is to be as direct and straightforward as possible. Don’t try to hide things or beat around the bush. If there is an issue going on, let your team know.

“The foundation of motivation is trust. If your team doesn’t trust you and doesn’t believe you have their best interests at heart, it’ll be difficult for them to feel inspired and driven by their work.” —Dan Tyre, HubSpot Executive

3. Bring your mission to life

Highlight and share progress by documenting customer success stories internally. Write down what the customer achieved, how your company’s product or service made their lives easier, and whether they recognized your company for its contribution. Distribute these stories internally to help the sales force connect the dots between their day-to-day activities and the positive impact they have on customers.

4. Track and share weekly wins

Sharing small wins with another person multiplies the morale-boosting effect. Every Friday, have your team share three wins from the week. They can be as small as they like, relating to prospects, customers, their understanding of the industry/competition/product, and their own professional development. Have them send the email to you or to an accountability buddy for a quick high-five. This should be a protected, non-judgmental space to celebrate small wins rather than a public showcase of accomplishments.

5. Create a culture of recognition

Your sales reps want to be rewarded. But a commission alone is not enough. Commissions are expected, so you need to push beyond that for your sales reps to truly feel recognized for their achievements. For decades, researchers have found that a public display of appreciation can be more motivating than salary.

When you embrace sales enablement training, it gives you a sustainable process for increasing revenue for years to come, gets sales and marketing on the same page to boost efficiency and ROI, and can shorten your sales cycle, increasing efficiency and revenue.


Discover the Best Sales Enablement Software with Lessonly

Here’s the bottom line: If you want to drive sales results, you need a repeatable, scalable process you can apply to your entire sales team. It needs to be augmented by tools, support, and training. A sales enablement plan with Lessonly should do the trick, so c’mon. Let’s get started!

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