5 Ways to Build a Healthy Customer Service Team

People are increasingly curious about their food—where it comes from and how it’s sourced. This curiosity inspired Thrive Market’s vision to find and deliver food that is made with real ingredients, environmentally friendly, reasonably priced, and delicious. Whether making products easy-to-find or delivering food for free, Thrive Market’s mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone.

With more than 500,000 members, it’s important that everything Thrive Market does is curated with care, and customer service is no exception. We sat down with some Thrive Market teammates to find out how they’ve built a healthy customer service that is designed to win.

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Create a detailed onboarding process

Onboarding is a key to agent happiness. Studies find that employees who receive effective onboarding feel more engaged and are more likely to stay with a company. Since Thrive Market believes that happier agents drive customer service success, they recognize the pivotal role that onboarding plays in their agents’ confidence and morale. That’s why they welcome new agents with onboarding that gives them all the tools they need to be successful and happy in their roles.

The team also stores every part of their onboarding within Lessonly for a streamlined and simple process. Agents complete self-directed training that is focused on one key topic at a time, such as email or chat Those lessons are also paired with instructor-led training sessions for maximum impact. This blended learning format effectively provides new agents with a hands-on and interactive onboarding experience.

“The great part about using Lessonly is all of the information that is stored there. Even after onboarding, if any of our specialists want to reference that information, it’s there for them.”
—Dillon Ryan, Member Services Trainer, Thrive Market

Promote continuous training

The team doesn’t stop training after onboarding is finished. Whether it’s skills development or learning about a new diet, ongoing training helps Thrive Market’s customer service team stay on top of their game. Dillon also notes that a continuous learning program is extremely important to communicate information about a specific brand they carry or how agents should cover a topic moving forward.

“Once we’re done with onboarding there are still new products and changes to policies. We need to make sure that the team is informed—once a specialist is on the floor, it’s still a constant learning experience.”
—Dillon R.

The Thrive Market team has found that ongoing training is a great way to leverage downtime when interaction volumes taper off. By offering on-demand training access through Lessonly, agents can quickly and easily access training content in-between interactions. This method maximizes the agents’ time—they’re still available to help members, but also have the chance to learn the new skills and information they need to deliver fantastic service.

Leverage team knowledge

As Thrive Market grows, it’s also important that their training scales quickly. The team uses democratized learning, which taps into the knowledge and skills of the people on their team for additional training. By crowdsourcing learning, the team can harness the expertise of high-performing employees and turn it into useful training material.

For Thrive Market, this means empowering team members who may be certified health coaches or experts in the vegan or paleo space to hop into Lessonly and build training content. Dillon shares that, “because we have a lot of people who have a lot of knowledge in very specific fields, they can provide better content than I could myself.” This method has been immensely effective, as new, specialized content is created daily that shares best practices and helpful knowledge across the entire team.

“We really try to leverage team knowledge and give team members who are subject-matter experts the ability to build content. That’s been really instrumental in making sure we’re working efficiently.”
— Michelle Rason, Member Services Manager, Thrive Market

Focus on quality over quantity

For many customer service teams, the number of interactions is highly prioritized when it comes to measuring success. However, teams like Thrive Market are shifting their focus on the quality of the interaction opposed to the number of interactions. As Thrive Market’s membership grows, they’ve integrated AI and self-service technology to automate simple, transactional issues. This gives agents more time to focus on interactions that require more critical thinking and high-quality conversations.  

“To us, empathy is key. We really strive for our team to build a membership community by being genuinely interested and caring about the experience and the person.”
— Michelle R.

Michelle also notes that Thrive Market members want to have personal and unique discussions when it comes to their food. The combination of soft skills and subject-matter training helps the customer service team grow a strong relationship with members to cultivate a community that they take pride in.

Share the purpose

At the end of the day, it’s important for Thrive Market’s customer service team to remember the impact they’re making on other people’s lives. Michelle notes that finding purpose is key to the success of every organization and service team. Michelle and Dillon strongly believe that when customer service agents understand their impact and purpose, they’re more likely to enjoy work and in turn, foster happier customers.

“Every company that exists should exist to improve someone’s life in some way. So, just having an understanding of how your work is impacting someone else’s is important.”
—Michelle R.

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