5 Ways Employee Training Software Can Optimize Onboarding

Starting a new job can be extremely exciting. From the paycheck and location to the culture and fellow colleagues, starting a new gig can be an awesome experience. But one area where businesses fail is through the onboarding process. During this process, many employees don’t feel very engaged or as though they’re rained properly with the right material. In many cases, these issues relate to the employer using the wrong training software. Onboarding employees is vital for any business, but many companies struggle with utilizing the best software for their needs. By choosing the right software, companies are likely to experience a happier, more confident team of new hires who are ecstatic to start their new role. Let’s take a look at some more ways employee training management software can help the onboarding process.

Provide Automation

While onboarding a new employee is extremely important, it can take time. Depending on the position and employee, sometimes the whole onboarding process can take multiple weeks. But with the right online training system in place, the entire onboarding process can be automated. That’s right, in many cases, you can get new employees set up on computer-based training, so you can go back to focusing on other areas of your business. However, it’s important to know that there may still need to be some type of in-person training, but much of the training content can be housed on software, which saves time for everyone!

On-Demand Access

Another benefit of online employee training software is that it is available on-demand, meaning it can be accessed at any time from anywhere. Have you ever needed a refresher while working a job? Whether it’s your first day or you’re a seasoned vet, it’s likely everyone needs a refresher from time to time. On-demand software stores loads of training resources that can be accessed on-demand. With platforms like Lessonly, team members can also access state-of-the-art training solutions anywhere and at any time. Our user-friendly platform and easy-to-follow templates make it super simple to create perfect training documents that your employees can always reference when they need to.

Improved Engagement

Another reason that leads to the importance of employee training software is that it helps to improve engagement. Do you remember sitting in class at school when you were younger? Many of these classes were boring and you probably didn’t feel very engaged most of the time. By utilizing the right online training courses for employees, new team members feel a greater sense of interaction and engagement with the training process. And better yet, depending on the training process set forth by the employer, the employee can review the different types of employee training resources on their own time without ever stepping foot inside a boring classroom.

Improve Turnover Rates

A common area for improvement with most companies is their turnover rate. We live in a time where there are tons of jobs out there and employees might leave a position if they notice any red flags—especially early on in their new gig. In fact, many people believe that employees have a good indication early in their employment if they’ll stick around or not. According to a 2009 study by the Aberdeen Group, 86% of senior executives and HR employees believe that an employee’s decision to stick with the company is made within the first six months. That being said, if you want to keep an employee, then you better have the right online employee training and development process in place.

Shows Professionalism

First impressions are everything, and that also applies when just starting out in a new gig. While you’re open to the opportunity and excited to get started, you may still be skeptical. In our experiences, we believe that having the right training process in place displays a great first impression. Online employee training software plays a big role in first impressions. If your new hire onboarding software is user-friendly, easy-to-comprehend, and engaging, then that shows a certain level of professionalism—which can go a very long way.

Onboarding Done Right With Lessonly’s Employee Training Software

Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software makes it easy to provide your teammates with the training they deserve. If you want to crush the onboarding process with user-friendly, engaging online learning for employees, then click here to learn more about Lessonly! 

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