5 Undeniable Ways to Create Better Online Training Courses

There are many benefits of online training courses. However, the training courses that are the best for your company allow you to personalize the courses. This allows you to present your employees with the training that they most need and ensures the training topics are industry-specific. Here at Lessonly, we’ve worked with hundreds of teams to create the best online training courses possible. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you create the stellar online training courses for your teammates.

Use a Mixture of Formats

When you are using online learning platforms to create the best online training courses for your employees, one of the ways that you can do is this is by using a mix of formats. A learning management system can support a mixture of formats that includes items such as text, images and videos. This is important because not every employee learns in the same manner. Some people learn by reading things. Having text allows them to read and retain. Other people learn based on what they see and watch. Having pictures and videos allows you to reinforce the written content and ensures it makes sense to those who are more visual when it comes to learning. 

Keep Things Short and Sweet

As you create the best online training courses for your employees, try to keep the microlearning in mind. Microlearning is a technique that involves keeping things short and sweet. The best free online courses allow you to present courses to your employees that are short and specifically focused on specific topics. Keeping things short and sweet, rather than presenting them with long, drawn-out training days or content, allows for better engagement and retention. They do not glaze over out of boredom, and instead, are able to focus on what is being taught to them for that short period of time. They can then go back to work and remember what the course was on, allowing them to retain it and implement it into their work. 

Include Knowledge Checks Along the Way

As you put together an online training course for your employees, you want to include knowledge checks or quizzes in the course. This is a great way to check the learner’s knowledge as they progress through the course, and ensure the information that you are presenting to your employees is being retained. The best free online courses with certificates or free online computer courses with certificates offer tests not only at the end of the learning module, but at different intervals throughout the course. This allows you to measure whether your employees understand the course, the concepts and the agenda that the course is presenting to them, or whether the course is missing the mark and you need to go back to the drawing board to create a new course that effectively teaches your employees. 

Make the Training Course Interactive

As you put together online classes using online training software, be sure to take the time to make the training course interactive. Just because an employee may be taking the course alone and at a time that works for them does not mean that they have to feel alone throughout their training. There are many ways that you can make the course interactive. You can present your employees with practice scenarios in which they need to answer questions or write out a sales cadencel. You can ask for employee feedback throughout the course, allowing your employees to tell you what they like and don’t like about the course, and you can have question forums. Question forums allow your employees to not only ask questions and interact with other employees, but you can have supervisors or those higher up in management participate in the forums as well, which allows employees to feel like they are being heard and receiving good advice and feedback. 

Obtain Feedback from your Employees 

The last tip you can use to create the best online courses for training your employees is to ensure you obtain feedback from your employees at all levels. Take the time to talk to teammates and employees who have participated in training. You want to gather feedback from what they liked about the training program, what they disliked about the program, any areas that they still have questions about and any areas that they wish would have been expanded upon. Supervisors and managers can provide you with some insight as to how the program is working, but those employees who actually took the course and are using the information provided in the course can give you invaluable feedback which you can use to make changes to the program. These changes help to ensure the success of the program for other employees who participate in it. 

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