5 Tips For Supercharging Your Engineering Team with Online Training Development Software

Just like sales or customer service enablement, engineering enablement is on the rise. As an engineer, I think a lot about how to reduce our team’s bus factor. One great way to do that is to get knowledge out of the heads of engineers and into e-learning software. These tips aren’t just for engineering teams though. Sales teams and customer service teams benefit from these, too!

1. Make adding information fast

There are lots of ways to build and add new content, but the best are with rapid authoring tools. The less time it takes for an engineer to get that knowledge out of their head, the better. One of my favorite features of Lessonly is the New Lesson form. I use it to fill in quick information, which helps jog my memory when I’m working on a lesson for a few days. The element dropdown in Lessonly also makes adding different kinds of content fast, so you prepare a good outline for all your sections fast. 

2. Add some gifs (or at least a video here and there)

Lessonly’s authoring software makes it easy to add multimedia elements. I personally love to add gifs, but the video recording options are a great way to show of a tool. Elements like flipcards and free response questions engage learners and help them remember the information in a lesson.

3. Put the content where people need it

One great benefit to computer based training— companies aren’t limited in where their content can come from or be displayed. I love to use Lessonly’s Chrome extension. Engineers spend a lot of time Googling and diving deep into search results. With the extension, you can surface lessons related to pages. If there’s a common coding problem people run into with your software, you can make a lesson appear when that topic is searched.

4. Make it guided and grouped

Often times the content you want to share makes sense only when it’s in a structured format or group. By using Paths in Lessonly, I set up guided lesson taking for the content I make. I use this to group together lessons that are all related to the same thing, like UI engineering or Ruby basics. 

5. Schedule assignments for when people are ready

Finally, a key component of employee training management software is scheduling assignments. When we gradually schedule assignments, new engineers aren’t overwhelmed in their first few days. If you have onboarding lessons to introduce people to your platform, your version control system, and your ticket tracking, you can assign those for a future date. With assignments, you can ease people into your organization and make sure they get all the information they need, when they are going to need it.

Web-based training software is a critical resource for engineering teams of all sizes. To me, Lessonly is the best software for authors of engineering content to build out this content, but no matter what you are using, these tips can take your engineering enablement to the next level. 

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