5 Tips for Choosing the Right Online Training Software in 2020

It’s officially 2020! We’ve come a long way from the turn of the millennium when we lived in a world of floppy discs, slow internet, and no Amazon Prime. How did we ever survive?

With all of the new technology that’s been developed over the past 20 years, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the 90s with the way you train your employees. The world moves so quickly now, so training should, too. The most adaptable training strategy? An online employee training platform with bite-sized content that’s available in a learner’s moment-of-need. It should keep your employees’ attention and give them the opportunity to practice their skills. It’s time to get away from the training notebook and start the decade off right with a new online training system.

Online employee training and development has proven to decrease employee ramp time, increase employee retention, and improve CSAT and NPS scores. So what are you waiting for? Use these five tips to help cut through the noise and select the best employee training software for your team.

1. Highlight what’s working and identify gaps.

When you’re ready to start evaluating training apps for employees, gather a diverse group of employees who have gone through your current training process to provide feedback. Select some that enjoyed the training and some that have ideas for improvement to get a full picture of your current state of training.

Start the meeting by highlighting what’s working with your current process. Ask your employees what they like about training as it exists and find out what they’d like to keep doing. Next, talk through any gaps or areas of improvement. What are new training tactics that they’d like to see implemented? From there, you start to think about your non-negotiables when selecting your new online employee training software.

2. Identify feature must-haves.

In addition to the basic training platform, a learning management system can contain many different features, such as quiz questions, knowledge checks, practice tools, gamification, and much more. It’s easy to get swept up in all of these shiny objects that look exciting and fun to add, but may take more time to implement and use.

Refer back to your group conversations to hone in on what you truly need in order to improve your current system and see better results from your team. Will gamification really improve knowledge retention, or will quiz questions do the trick? What is the best way for my team to practice and apply what they’ve learned, that’s also easy to grade and give feedback? Being able to answer questions like these will help guide your discussions and lead to a quicker, more painless buying process.

3. Try before you buy.

You would never buy a new pair of shoes without trying them on. Why should buying an LMS for employee training be any different? Some online training solutions, like Lessonly,  offer the opportunity to take their software for a test-drive with a pilot. Our team helps people considering Lessonly create a lesson or two within our software to test with a group of your employees and facilitate hands-on feedback before making a huge investment of time and resources.

4. Consider life post-sale.

When purchasing a new employee LMS, you’re buying more than just the software. You will want to have a team of people to help you with implementation and program success after the deal is signed. Look for companies that have a robust customer experience team and even a professional services team to help you build your training program. 

Ask your sales rep to set up a customer reference call with a current customer so you can find out what the experience is really like after the sale. Customers with similar use cases to you can give you the true picture of what life is like once you actually purchase the online training software.

5. Evaluate the community.

A great online training platform should come with a built in support system through customer communities, continuing education, and thought leadership. Look at upcoming events and opportunities to network with other customers in your region and area of expertise. See if the company offers a library of content to add to your training program. Lastly, consider the company’s mission and core values. If it aligns with what you’re trying to do, it will most likely be a great fit.

Cheers to better training in 2020!

Lessonly—the training solution for busy teams in 2020

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