5 Slack Slash-Commands That You Should Be Using Every Day

To achieve peak productivity in the wonderful world of Slack, you’ve got to be an ace with slash-commands. These commands are commonly tied to integrations that are installed into your workspace, by you or your team members, to expand Slack’s functionality to many more use-cases. There are many, but here are our top five that we can’t live without.


/trello should be at the fingertips of every devoted Trello user. You can use Trello for anything from product management to planning your wedding, so the Trello integration for Slack allows you to assign members to cards, make comments, or set due dates without leaving the calming glow of your Slack workspace.


Solve workplace disagreements with good old-fashioned democracy using Polly. /polly can be used to quickly generate a simple poll within a channel with numerous configuration options including multiple-choice, agree/disagree, and more. Simple, but useful and powerful.

Slack Status

Let’s go back to the basics here with some native Slack slash-commands. Toggle your status without risking repetitive strain injuries caused by mouse-clicks by quickly typing a slash-command for changes. Seriously, all you knowledge-workers, you’ve got to minimize the wear and tear on your finger joints. Here’s a few just to get you started:

/dnd = Do not disturb

/away = away from my desk

/active = back at my desk


If a picture is worth a thousand words, well… then a moving picture is worth a million… and a moving picture with a dash of sarcasm should be worth enough to finally get that condo you’ve been dreaming of in SF. Giphy is the one and only answer for adding a certain je ne sais quoi to your Slack game. /giphy is awesome.

Lessonly Knowledge

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our own slash command. /ollie opens up a world of unthrottled, bottleneck-free productivity by quenching an unbridled thirst for knowledge. Besides directly answering frequently asked questions from our built-in rich-text knowledge-base or the numerous integrations with the Google and Atlassian stack, the Obie slash-command prompts the unsatiated knowledge seeker with numerous ways to solve their problem including sharing the question within the channel or automatically opening a Jira Service Desk ticket all in the holy name of Reduced Context Switching… Amen.

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