5 Benefits of Computer Based Training Software

Let’s drop a definition on you, right off the bat. Computer and web-based training is education that is primarily delivered online instead of in-person instruction. This is training that’s delivered over the web using web-based training software. Computer-based training software is a great way to provide important training in an engaging, easy to comprehend way, whether it’s company-wide security training or department-specific skills training. 

While this type of training has been around for a while, it’s greatly improved over the last few years. Programmed instruction includes most of the basic traits that define computer-based training. These pieces of training include delivering chunks of information in a step-by-step manner, allowing employees to learn at their own pace, setting prerequisites before moving on to the next lessons, and providing learners feedback on their overall progress and responses. When you combine these methods with software, computer-based software has evolved to be the best option for many organizations.

Money and Time Savings

In-person training comes with a lot of costs, such as instructor fees, travel, and employee productivity. An online employee training platform can reduce overall training time, which means more time for employees to work on tasks that ultimately affect your bottom line. And the best way for employees to actually learn something during training is to reinforce it regularly. The cost of hiring an instructor to train employees can be a large financial burden, so organizations are starting to turn to more approachable web-based solutions.

Web-based training software allows you to deploy courses in a wide variety of ways—to small or large groups of employees, with different lesson lengths and time commitments, and at differing regularity—to achieve the best retention levels. Of course, there may be initial costs related to setting up a customized system, but there are also free online training software available on the market. Aside from initial costs, computer-based training provides your company with a 24-hour trainer that doesn’t have a limit on student capacity. Once the system is set up, it handles a large number of students and doesn’t get tired or need lunch breaks like a traditional trainer does. And you won’t ever have to worry about rescheduling training because the instructor couldn’t make it. In the long run, it’s typically very cost effective. 

Higher Engagement

Computer-based training allows employees to have higher retention rates too. Employees, as well as the organization, have more control over the learning process. New technology and employee training management software allow for engagement and immersive content that can also be accessed by a smartphone or tablet. This frees up users from their desktop computers and allows them to access training when and where they need it most. By handling learning experiences in a unique way with computer-based training, employees can really get involved and engage with the training to make the content more memorable.

Comfortable and Flexible

Interactive online learning allows teammates to work at their own learning style and pace, which can be adjusted to match the individual needs of your employees. Interactive training software is non-judgmental, non-threatening, and provides immediate feedback as training moves forward. The interactive feedback of the training software allows learners to review different sections of the material as needed and ask questions without feeling bad or embarrassed about their progress. In fact, they don’t even have to worry about trying to keep up with other employees. When employees have increased learning control, it leads to better knowledge retention and employee engagement.

Consistent and Standardized

In a traditional training program, even the same courses can be delivered differently since various instructors are inconsistent, each with their  own teaching preferences and styles. Employee training management software delivers courses in the same manner, every time. The courses have the same content and post-lesson quizzes. This means that employees interact with the same learning material and progress in the same way, even if they have to go back and retake the course. It’s also much easier to schedule and deploy training to employees when it’s consistent. As managers change and improve the learning materials, the training process can be updated at once and then those updates are automatically given to all the existing content without skipping a beat. It also becomes easier to send out reminders to ensure employees are not forgetting their training obligations.

Trackable Progress and Analytics

When it comes to online employee training and development, you need to be able to track the results. With computer-based training development software, managers and trainers can track the progress of learners. This is a great way to see when employees have started or finished training or if they’ve passed or failed a course. These analytics can help teams identify course topics that need some attention and which topics employees are the most comfortable with. This creates tailored training that’s based on the needs of employees, which can increase productivity and make training more worthwhile.

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