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4 Words to Use in Every Performance Appraisal

It is performance appraisal time! Don’t get caught when performing evaluation saying the typical, “Good job,” “you need improvement,” or “keep up the good work.” Strategically use your words to make a difference in the company.

Here are the four words your performance appraisal needs to have:


We do not just mean to use the word “names,” but use their name. When someone hears their name, the brain lights in a unique way that is difficult to replicate another way. Hearing one’s name creates a unique brain activation function. The brain is stimulated because a name is personal. Hearings one’s name is also attention grabbing. It keeps your employee from becoming distracted by what you are going to say but keeps them listening to what you are saying.

“You were very impressive in the market research this past month, Max. We were amazed by your results.”

“Katie, we noticed you were late on multiple occasions this past month. Is there a way we can help you to fix that problem?”


Using the word because is smart, because it always follows a proof point with a reason. You are supporting the statement you made with specifics. This gives you credibility. The behavior you are trying to encourage or eliminate will have a more powerful prompting if the employee is presented with support to the statement.

“Our company was able to keep that customer because of your effort in negotiating a new package deal with them.”

“I need you to focus more on completing your work on time because last quarter you had three reports that were turned in late.”


It seems simple and easy, but many times saying thank you is neglected. Let your employees know that you acknowledge their work. Admit that you are indebted to them. The organization could not run without them. Help them see that their work is significant. Use thanking the employee as a way to specifically recognize what you appreciate about the employee. A simple thank you will go a long ways.

“Thank you for your passion and the energetic spirit you bring daily to our team.”


This word shows that the employer confirms that the action taken by the employee had a measurable impact on the company. You are recognizing that the outcome would not have happened if it was not for their time and hard work. This re-assures the employee the impact they have on the organization.

“The result of your hard work on our social media pages this past month was a 45% increase in our following base.”

“Your improper communication on the team resulted in a misunderstanding that could have cost our company losing customers.”

We’ve barely scratched the surface. Check out our article on performance appraisals to learn more.

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