4 Steps to Onboarding New Employees in Multiple Locations

Your employees are the lifeblood of innovation in your company, and without them your company simply would fail to keep pace with new innovations and changes in your industry. So, it’s vital to ensure the new talent you hire to drive new growth is happy in their new roles. This can be a challenge when you are onboarding in different locations.

1. Making everyone confident wherever they work

The first step to successful onboarding is making your employees feel secure and confident about their new chosen role. Be sure their role meets with their expectations and is exactly as it was explained during the hiring process. This establishes trust right away.

You can do this by starting out with a simple, written plan and objective for the new hires. Distribute this throughout the organization wherever the employee onboarding is taking place. Share it via email, post it on a common, shared drive in your organization, or use a Lessonly lesson if you’re a Lessonly customer.

2. Make paperwork seamless and up-to-date

Along with this general onboarding documentation, make sure all the other necessary onboarding paperwork is accessible to everyone and fully updated. This includes payroll forms, healthcare information, direct deposit forms, and security clearances or badges and parking permits as required.

Payroll information should be identical through the organization. If not, double check everything by contacting all locations and make sure there will be no problems getting your new employees paid.

Tip: Contact the maintenance and security offices at all locations and make sure you have a good relationship with them to make this part run smoothly.

3. Solidify the employee’s new role

New hires are not familiar with a company’s processes, so make sure you go over them in depth. Create learning materials that highlight the key processes that are necessary for everyone to learn that they can take on their own time. After this has been done, host a virtual meeting to go over the deeper, more subjective processes and questions people have. Invite groups of people, and host several meetings if you feel groups are getting to large.

Whenever processes differ the education from location to location, be sure to mention how they differ. It may be helpful for certain employees to know your New York location offers a free car service until 7pm, and your Bethesda location has free lunch on Friday.

4. Keep in touch with onboarded employees

Finally, maintain an open line of communication. Answer all emails and phone calls as soon as you can so your onboarded employees never feel out of the loop.

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