4 Customer Service Issues Solved by Training

Customer Services teams can often be one of the primary faces of the organization that a customer interacts with most often. However, particularly at growing companies, these same teams can be hard to keep on the same page. Everyone has their own unique way of doing things and thinking what is best. While some flexibility is good to allow a service team member’s personality to show through, it’s important that there is some structure. That is where training can come in, to help bring about a level of consistency and structure that a customer service team needs to make sure everything runs as well as possible.

Here are four customer service issues that can be solved by training:

1. Inconsistency of responses to customers

Every company is going to have a certain way they want support requests handled. Be it the jargon the team uses, how much they should help with, and where they should direct people for follow up, all of these things will be done inconsistently if you don’t show your team the best way to handle it up front. Training your team on how to respond to requests will help your customer’s experience with your brand feel unified with the rest of the organization.

2. Inconsistent reporting of customer service cases

Getting accurate data from your case management system (ie Zendesk, Freshdesk, Desk.com, etc.) means that you need to be able to count on your customers service team to input data in a consistent and orderly fashion. Without training, you’ll be lucky if you even get people to enter information, let alone do it in a consistent way. Be training your team on the proper way to input data, that’s the only way you’ll be able to get actionable insights out of your case data.

3. Inefficiency of getting things done the best way

In almost every situation, there are more than one way to get things done. Only one of the ways is the fastest and best. Training your customer service team on the most efficient way to get things done will mean that you can get them working at their fastest and most effective output levels.

4. Inconsistency of escalating situations

There are some scenarios where handling a case by themselves may not be the best route, and those cases need to be escalated to someone else. Training your team on the scenarios in which escalation is needed will prevent your team members from doing something that they shouldn’t, or trying to take on too much themselves.

Got any other ideas in how training can solve customer service issues? Leave us a comment below!

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