3 Ways to Use Training Automation for More Efficient Onboarding

A few months ago, Lessonly introduced Triggers, the next step toward learning automation in your company. The following will be your guide toward using Triggers. If you think of more to fit your program, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

To get started, go to the cog icon in the top right:

Set and forget

Building and maintaining a training program can be a full-time and overwhelming position. With triggers, you can cut down on time in the shop. Setting up triggers when you first build your training program can keep the metaphorical training engine oil off your hands.

When a new employee or team of employees finish a lesson, they can be assigned to complete another one in “X” amount of days. For example, when your new zookeeper completes “Your First Day at the Zoo,” they can be assigned “Working with Wombats” to complete in 3 days.
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Adapting triggers to succession can give learners a sense of achievement after completing a lesson and moving on to the next one. The course “Sales 401” comes with a little more pride than “Sales 101,” and it should. Your 101 employees will want to push through the 101 course to advance in the training process.

Creating a succession of lessons rather than assigning all the lessons at once can be less overwhelming to a new employee. Imagine opening up your inbox for the first time only to see 30 assigned lessons. Yikes. Instead, this will get your employees up to speed smoothly.


Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs wasn’t named an NBA All-Star 15 times because he changed his game every year. He reviewed the same moves in every off-season until they were perfect. By assigning your team a fundamental lesson to review year after year, you ensure a strong foundation.Establishing a certification and recertification program with your employees can be a valuable tool as well. Completing the same lesson might appear tedious and boring, but tell that to Tim Duncan’s 5 NBA Championship Rings.

You don’t need to keep unassigning and reassigning lessons anymore; start using Triggers today. Triggers are a part of the growth package with Lessonly, but it is free to try. To activate it in your account, email support@lessonly.com.

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