3 Ways to Simplify Choosing a Learning Management System Software for Your Team

Our LMS makes me better at my job!

How many times have you heard the above statement within your organization?

Never?! Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Talking to thousands of different companies and working at four different software companies over a 15-year span, I never witnessed that sentiment.

Like many others, I felt that a Learning Management System (LMS) was a destination. Not a tool for doing better work.

About 18 months ago that changed. My master’s class in training and enablement was underway. And apparently, old dogs can learn new tricks. Because I discovered that a learning management system software actually can make me better at my job—every single day. An LMS login is powerful. More importantly, employees at other organizations are proactively and proudly sharing the same sentiments.

Did they find the best LMS software ever made? Yes! Kidding, well kind of. The best LMS software for your organization might look different from the best LMS software for another organization (or team). So, what is the best LMS software for your team specifically?

Well, it depends on your training needs because they’ll vary vastly. The difference between a TalentLMS and Coggno is night-and-day different from a Moodle, Kaplan, or Schoology. And as a result, you’ll need features and functionality to accommodate those needs differently. The best LMS software is not one-size-fits-all. And anyone telling you otherwise is a fool.

So, we are not going to talk about one software. Nor all of the different features and functionality. Instead, we are going to talk about the three elements that are universally true about the “best LMS software” for your company or team.

The best learning management system software examples are:

1. Outcome Driven

The best training programs and the best LMS software always align to organizational or departmental goals. Training is intended to influence behavior that leads to better business results. If your program, the LMS software, or the LMS partner do not aid business outcomes, STOP.  

Re-examine the “why” behind your need for training. Your training should be directly influencing KPI’s (or OKR’s). Otherwise, it is missing a key element that no software, nor software partner is likely to solve.

Build your “why” and then find the technology and partner to support that effort.

2. Satisfaction Oriented

The best LMS software is easy and intuitive for the learner. It is engaging and reaches learners in their moment of need. And helps the learner be more effective at their job.

So, the best LMS software should enable the measurement of engagement, satisfaction, and impact. Real-time insights will identify whether your training is meeting learner expectations.  

Let’s say training is delivered to support a new business process. Wouldn’t it be important to understand learner sentiment? Of course! Whether the learners rate training positively or negatively, the insight allows you to remediate negative feedback or leverage positive sentiment when planning what content to build next.

Over time, these insights empower organizations to better manage their training content strategy. Engagement and satisfaction are key indicators of when content is decaying and what new topics learners are seeking.

It is simple. Without satisfaction, there will be low engagement. Without engagement, it is impossible to gain alignment towards business outcomes. Satisfaction is the fuel that powers engagement and impacts business outcomes.

Want proof? Check out Lessonly’s G2 reviews. You’ll see a correlation between higher learner satisfaction and time to ROI.

3. Community Created

Training is HARD! Training teams can feel like an island within an organization. Those that have not built training at scale rarely understand: how difficult it is to make dull topics engaging; how challenging it can be to drive knowledge retention with effective training reinforcement; or how tenuous it can be to plan, assess, and build relevant training.

So, it is no surprise that the best LMS software is supported by a community.  The best LMS companies recognize a need to create a partnership that extends beyond features and functionality. You should be asking potential LMS providers how they are investing in your success.

Iron sharpens iron. And a community of passionate training professionals ignites change, creates inspiration, and drives innovation. The best LMS software fosters vibrant communities amongst their customers, cultivates best practices, strengthens their customer teams, and encourages training growth that extends well beyond their software.

These three elements are consistently in the makeup of the best LMS software. Sophisticated software buyers know it is important to identify mission-critical features. But much like when the car salesperson brings up an “underbody rust coating add-on” for a new car, don’t get distracted by less essential functionality. Find an LMS software that can partner with you and deliver on the fundamental business outcomes. There are even free learning management systems if you’re just looking to explore and test the waters. There you will find the best LMS software for your company.

Interested in seeing if Lessonly is the best LMS software and partner for your company or team? Check us out to see if we’re a good fit for you!

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