3 Ways to Leverage Your Learning Management System With Your Customer Support Team

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that if you’re on a customer support team, you probably don’t have a ton of free time on your hands. Am I wrong?

Having tons of customers to support is a great problem to have, but it’s challenging nonetheless. And, striking the balance between providing high quality customer care and moving with maximum speed to keep hold times low and CSAT high is undeniably tough.

I’ve also noticed something. The tension between speed and quality keeps customer service interesting. And the teams who manage to resolve requests with both speed and quality, without compromising one for the other, are the ones that rise to the top and ultimately do better work. 

So, how can your team maximize both speed and quality in your customer support? We’re convinced the answer is with a learning management system

Here’s a great learning management system comparison to look at the differences between popular LMS’s like Lessonly, TalentLMS, and Canvas learning management system. 

Customer service teams run like well-oiled machines when they’re enabled to be exceptional at their jobs, and the best learning management systems (typically not the free learning management systems) do just that. Below are three practical ways to leverage every ounce of impact your LMS can bring to the table.

1. Carve out at least one hour a week to practice your support strategies.

“An hour a week, just for practice?!”

“We’ve got too many tickets to be on the clock and not chipping away at those requests.”

“Our day-to-day is practice, so this won’t work well for my team.”

If any of these were the first thoughts you had, know that you’re not alone. 

Hear me out. Much like sleeping, exercising, or reading, the time spent doing these things or practicing your skills, especially skills to do your job better, are hours that make the other hours infinitely more productive. An hour a week is about 2% of the total time a typical support rep works in a week. Spending 2% of your time refining your craft, resolving mock-tickets and sending them off for feedback within your LMS, and honing your skills will make it so you’re consistently improving in the other 98% of your job. Practice is worth the time investment. All it takes to keep your team growing and improving is a simple LMS login. 

2. Create lessons on soft skills, and then practice them in person.

Teaching soft skills isn’t easy. It takes time, experiences, practice, and close observation of others. A ton of people operate under the assumption, though, that people either have emotional intelligence or they don’t. And the ones who don’t are doomed to just chronically struggle with their soft skills and emotional sensitivity. You know what learning management systems say to that? Absolutely not. 

If you’re in a customer support role, I bet you have some innate gifts that make you great at helping people, managing time,  and solving problems. Harnessing those talents will set your support apart from other companies. The best way to harness them? Hone the soft skills that will help showcase what you’re already good at. To boost your team’s soft skills with a learning management system, examples might include choosing a specific soft skill to be the focus of each week, like empathy or effective conflict resolution, and creating learning content around that. Think TED talks, practice scenarios, and feedback from and discussions with reps on how to apply that specific skill better in their role.

3. Let your reps lead and create lessons to share their best practices. 

No one knows what it’s like to be on the frontlines at your company better than the reps who support your customers day in and day out. They are the leaders and learners that shape the perception of your company. That’s why it’s essential to take advantage of their expertise to scale your team and continue moving your CSAT scores up and to the right. 

Your seasoned reps are likely incredibly knowledgeable. A great way to transfer the information that’s in their brains onto “paper” so it’s accessible for everyone is with an learning management system (LMS) software. A learning management system login may seem like a simple thing, but in reality, it’s a key that unlocks clarity and camaraderie on customer support teams. The best practices of top performers become public knowledge in the LMS. And then they become the best practices of the entire team. Iterating on current processes and creating consistency in the way your team supports customers are both essential. 

I could truly come up with dozens of additional reasons why I think a great LMS is the secret ingredient to great customer service enablement. But, I hope the three tips above are a good place to start and helpful as you consider how to leverage your current LMS (or your future LMS?) with your customer support reps. 

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