3 Tips for Executive Onboarding

Training policies and procedures are typically simple and straightforward enough when you’re working with onboarding new entry or mid-level employees. However, when you’re bringing experienced executives into the game, things can be a bit more complicated and training procedures aren’t always so clear-cut. Here are a few helpful tips for successful training of an executive.

Get them ahead of the game

There’s often a fair amount of time between when your new executive accepts his or her job offer and the official start date, but that doesn’t mean that you can help get him or her better acquainted with the company and what it’s all about through onboarding. Consider sending over the training procedures and manuals you use to train entry-level workers, along with any other information that may help your new exec. get a head start.

By taking the time to do this, your executive will feel more comfortable upon arriving on the first day and will have a better idea of what the company is all about.

Familiarize them With software

One of the biggest challenges with onboarding executives is learning programs, procedures, and protocols that are specific to the company; that’s because, unlike leadership skills and other relevant strengths, these details can vary greatly from company to company. Therefore, even the most experienced and successful executive may run into some trouble when it comes to learning new programs.

Fortunately, by training them on how to use software and follow such procedures sooner rather than later, you can avoid potential problems down the road and ensure that other employees don’t fail to respect the new exec. simply because he or she is struggling with the software.

Introduce them to employees

Even before the executive’s official start date, it can be a good idea to introduce him or her to your employees. Typically, the best way to do this is in an informal setting, such as:

  • at a company outing
  • casually during a lunch break
  • towards the end of a meeting

Introducing new executives to employees before the start date is a great, no-pressure way for them to get to know each other and develop relationships.

Certainly, there are some major differences between training an entry-level hire versus an executive. Be sure to keep these tips in mind as a trainer to make your job a lot easier; you may be surprised at just how much of a difference these actions can make.

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