3 Things Star Wars Taught Me About Customer Service

You ask R2 for the customer service number of your absolutely favorite landing station on Dantooine. After hearing multiple times, “I understand your frustration, but our policy…”—did you zone out? Come back. That phrase is a curse. It is a Jedi Mind Trick, easy to master, even without a high midi-chlorian count. Your customers cannot solve their questions like this, they are still looking for solutions. They are still looking for R2-D2 and C-3PO. Make sure your customers can find the droids they are looking for, and follow these three tips:


Hire for the culture. Yes, experience is great. Yes, a résumé can be great. Both are important to look at, but hiring a positive attitude and personality for your team is more important. The customer service interview questions you’re asking during your hiring process is a great way to reveal a potential hire’s personality. Why is personality important with a positive attitude? Jar Jar Binks has a positive attitude. A team of bumbling Gungans as customer service representatives is a company that might as well throw out its phones. If new employees can come into a company already a cultural fit, maybe they will leave their first day a little less nervous. Hiring the right personality and a positive attitude means that customer service skills and common issues of the job can be learned quickly.


Regardless of how much experience a new hire has, he or she will still need training. Adapting to new customers and new problems doesn’t happen in a day. Understanding the culture and vision of the company is important; being able to maintain awareness of the vision while handling customer service requests is even more important. Role-play with your employees to ensure positivity throughout the conversation. Afterward, they should be able to handle any customer request. Do or do not; there is no try in customer service.


C-3PO can read a script, sure, but he aspires to be a mediocre human. A team of mediocre-human-aspiring robots just reading scripts would make a mediocre team. Empowering a team is the extra shift into light speed to blow past mediocre and into success. Customer service reps need the opportunity to grow and learn through experience with the company’s customers. As long as each experience is favorable for the customer, doesn’t hurt the company, and enhances the relationship with the customer, let them experiment. Sure, sometimes they will fail. Learning from failures is more impactful than learning from successes.

Maybe your customer service team can’t wield lightsabers, maybe they can’t move objects using the Force, but you can take these lessons and apply them to your hiring, onboarding, and management process. “Bring you success, they will. Customer service masters, they will become, yes.”-Yoda

Here, your customer service training begins.

Image source: Tumblr

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