3 Tests to Find Out if Your Onboarding is a Bore

When your company brings in new employees, you want to educate them on how the company works as quickly as possible. Of course, this means usually placing them through an onboarding process. All of this is going to educate and teach the new hires what their tasks are, how it fits in with the company and, as a whole, what the company dies to serve the public. The major problem here though is most onboarding procedures are incredibly boring. You might not see the importance in entertaining someone throughout the orientation, but should the hires become bored at it, they are more likely to tune everyone out, stop listening and, thus, ensure the onboarding is basically just a waste of everyone’s time. To prevent this, you need to perform a series of tests and strategies in order to determine whether or not the onboarding is a bore.

Post surveys

The name of this game is to keep it unnamed. You don’t want people feeling as if they call out the program they are going to get in trouble. Due to this, have new employees fill out surveys without filling in any sort of naming information. Doing this is going to help increase the level of honesty in how they fill out the documentation and they are more likely to tell you exactly what they think, from whether or not it is boring to if they actually learned anything.

Bring in the professionals

You are an expert in your particular field. However, you might not be an expert in enlightening new employees and educating them on what you do. You do what you do and it is up to the employees to learn this. However, there is a much better way to do this, and while you know the system, you might not know the best way to bring people up to speed on how to do it. By bringing in outside assistance to look at your onboarding and to give you examples and ways to improve what you are doing, it should drastically help.

Is it new?

How old is your onboarding presentation? If it is far out of date you need to update it and keep it relevant. Our Bring in modern information and technology and go into how the company affects a younger generation. By having the presentation more directly linked to the new hires, they are more likely to remain engaged. Our presentation skills training resource will help you deliver a better, and more engaging presentation to your new hires.

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