3 Reasons Why Every Customer Service Team Needs an LMS Platform

At Lessonly, we’ve got front row seats to the intersection of humanity and technology in the customer service space. Simply put, it’s awesome. But recently, these three customer service statistics completely shocked us.


90% of customers consider an immediate response as important or very important when they have a customer service question. Hubspot Research

American customers share their positive customer service experiences with about 11 people and their negative experiences with 15 people. American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer

Investing in new customers ranges from 5-25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones.Harvard Business Review

When I read between the lines of these three stats, here’s what I take away.

1. Customers contact customer support with high hopes.

We’re right in the heart of the Information Age. Every second, over 63,000 terms are searched on Google. Together, we send 15.2 million texts each minute, and 95% of them are read within three minutes. As a society, we demand efficiency, communication, and information. So naturally, customers desire to learn, communicate, and have their problems solved—fast. 

How can we make this happen for them? We’re convinced the answer is with a Modern LMS (learning management system). Visit any LMS website—think Canvas LMS, LMS Moodle, or SAP Litmos LMS—and you’ll see they each have their own specific advantages and niche markets. When it comes to supporting customer support teams though, Lessonly works like magic.

Lessonly works for customer service teams because it’s adaptable. Support reps usually play defense in their jobs; they resolve customer issues and react to tickets that come their way. With Lessonly, they get to flip the script and be more proactive.

When reps use our learning management system (LMS) software to power their training, every resource they need—ticket information, answers, links, continuous training, and more—are all at their fingertips. And, they build and update the learning library of content as they go. Reps own their development, contribute to building new processes as they learn, and can scale best practices across the organization.

Long story short—want to go higher than your customers’ highest hopes? Empower your reps to make things better as they go in the LMS.

2. Customers share their experiences with the world.

The second stat shows that regardless of how a customer service interaction goes, the typical customer will tell 11-15 people about it. People love to talk, and if they’re talking about you or your company, you want glowing reviews.

Every interaction a rep has with a customer is an opportunity to give someone something nice. Tact, compassion, great listening, and access to information are just a few skills reps need to consistently win over customers. But, these things don’t always come naturally. They’re taught and developed over time, and a quick LMS login with Lessonly simplifies that learning process.

But don’t take it from us—take it from our friends at U.S. Cellular who’ve actually used Lessonly to train 6,000 of their frontline employees and watched overall NPS and CSAT soar.

3. Customers are people, and they’re worth their weight in gold.

To make customers stay, reps need to “wow” them. 

To “wow” customers, teams need the best reps in the business.

To become the best in the business, reps need continuous, customizable training.

Having a solid LMS platform equips reps with the confidence they need to do better work. Loyal customers truly are worth their weight in gold, so nurturing relationships for retention is essential. When managers invest in training for their reps, customer service is no longer viewed as a department that puts band-aids on tense situations—they’re the people that understand customers the best, get renewals, provide preventative support, and refuse to let customers hit crisis-mode alone.

Customers are valuable. So how do we train reps like we mean it? One of our favorite tools is good old-fashioned practice. Our Practice tool specifically helps reps practice chat, email composition, and support ticket handling—and enables managers and other reps to provide helpful feedback. With Lessonly’s learning management system, examples of how reps can level-up their performance with Practice are endless. 

Want to go for gold? Lessonly is here to help.

Elevate your customer service employee training with powerfully simple software. Lessonly’s training tool makes it easy to continuously train teams, so new reps can learn,  practice, and perform better. Get a demo to see how you can Do Better Work today.

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