3 Must-Have Call Center Training Software Features

This three-part series explores how call center training software helps customer service teams learn, practice, and Do Better Work. Part one breaks down how to call center training software is essential to improving soft skills. Part two shares how software improves relationships with customers. Finally, part three highlights must-have features that every call center training software should have. Let’s get started!

If you want your call center to fulfill the needs of your customers and potential customers, it’s essential to have well-trained call center representatives. While you can manually train and coach each of your call center agents, another option that you have is using a call center training software. Call center solutions for training can make your life as a call center leader or manager easier in many ways. Read this article to learn about the must-have call center training software features.

Call center training should be available on-demand

One of the most important features for call center training software is on-demand availability. Accessible training will boost the productivity of your call center agents and encourage them to do more training and practice than they otherwise would.

For example, your call center agents can use the call center training software during their commute to sharpen their skills. Additionally, the average customer service rep experiences a significant amount of idle time throughout the day. Your agents can more effectively use their off-time by learning new information and practicing the skills that will make them better at their job. However, this is only possible if a call center agent uses the software no matter where they are. 

Another scenario where accessibility is important is when you make training and practice mandatory for your call center agents. Call center training software makes it easy for call center agents to learn and practice their skills on their own time instead of during in-person training classes. That way, your call center agents won’t feel as if they have to rush to finish the training sessions. Software also gives agents the chance to revisit training that they may not have fully understood or simply want a refresher on.

Accessibility at any time is essential on slow days. The amount of work that a call center agent fluctuates depending on the time of the day, week, month, or year. Whenever work is starting to slow down for a call center agent, they should be able to use the call center training program right at their desk to keep their skills sharp and up-to-date.

Call center training software should have search functionality

There are many skills that call center representatives have to work on to improve their performance. Some examples of these skills include problem solving, adaptability, and politeness. A call center agent will likely join your team being adept at certain skills but need to improve significantly other skills. Therefore, every good call center training software should have search functionality so agents can easily look for training that covers skills that they want to work on.

There’s also a lot of information and knowledge that goes into a call center job. More than likely, there will come a time when an agent is interacting with a customer and they won’t be able to recall specific information that pertains to the conversation. With search functionality, call center agents can quickly search for information on a specific topic, process, product, or service and find the answer they need. This results in an efficient interaction as agents don’t have to place the customer on hold or transfer them to another agent. A good search functionality eliminates this issue entirely.

Call center training software should encourage agents to practice and improve skills

Last but not least, call center training software should make it possible for agents to practice and improve their skills. In order to be effective, practice training sessions should be as realistic and as relevant as possible. For example, there could be a training session that asks call center agents recording themselves delivering a pitch to a customer or prospective customer. A call center program for training should serve as a safe environment for call center agents to practice their skills. That way, the call center agents will do a stellar job when it’s time to interact with real customers.

The materials offered by call center learning management system should be as diverse as possible. For example, you can have lessons and quizzes, videos, simulations, and other call center tools for training. The reason for the importance of diverse materials is that different people have different styles of learning. Some examples of the different styles of learning are visual, verbal, and auditory. A good call center training software should be suitable for effectively training and coaching all of your call center agents, not just the agents who have a particular style of learning.

Overall, a call center agent training program should be a hub of information for call center agents and managers. For example, there should be information about call center best practices and how to become a good call center agent. This information can come in the form of a call center training guide or articles and helps everyone Do Better Work.

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