3 Ideas to Enable Customer Service Teams

Customer experience is quickly becoming the number-one competitive advantage and a proven driver of long-term growth.

While companies recognize the importance of great customer service, leaders are often overwhelmed by the different processes, tools, and strategies that impact the customer experience. So, what are the most efficient and effective ways to improve customer service? The answers lie with those who interact with customers on a daily basis—customer service representatives.

Whether a customer interacts through voice, chat, video, or social media, their experience is largely driven by the rep on the other end. Lessonly’s newest ebook, Enabling Customer Service Success in an Omnichannel World, explores what it really means to enable customer service reps in a fast-paced, omnichannel environment.

Meet our industry experts

To get the best insights and tips on customer service enablement, we gathered a team of seasoned customer service experts:

  • Mike Aoki, President, Reflective Keynotes
  • Jason Aydelott, Director of Learning & People Development, American Customer Care/Premier Response
  • Angel Brockbank, Director of Customer Experience, Chatbooks
  • Ben Collet, Director of Global Advocacy, Enterprise & Strategic Accounts, Zendesk
  • Jeff Toister, Founder, Toister Performance Solutions
  • Karen Riddell, CX Training Specialist, Warby Parker   

These practitioners, thought leaders, and experts drew upon their experiences to share critical advice and ideas that support leaders can use to build well-enabled teams in a complex, omnichannel world.

Read on for a teaser of the ebook, or download the full book now!

Transform training

As customer needs and preferences evolve, it’s important to realize the critical role that customer service training plays in the customer experience. Customers value correct answers, fast resolutions, and effortless interactions, so customer service leaders must train reps on the skills they need to provide a consistent experience on any channel, at any time. By providing adaptative and consistent training that prepares reps to tailor conversations, leaders empower their reps to evolve—and succeed—across every support channel.

“Many contact centers inexplicably fail to forecast volume for non-phone channels such as email, chat, and social, so they can ensure those channels have adequate staffing. Agents serving those channels are frequently undertrained. And many contact centers fail to monitor and coach customer interactions on non-phone channels.”
—Jeff Toister

Equip excellently

Great organizations also empower their reps with seamless access to content in their time of need. With a central, searchable hub of relevant and accurate content, reps can focus on the task at hand. Rather than turning to a colleague or supervisor for ad hoc information, reps become self-reliant, confident problem solvers. Reps who have the right information at their fingertips provide consistent support across any channel.

“Customers hate hearing different answers from different agents. Once you lose your customers’ trust, they start playing customer service roulette. They call and call again until they hear the answer they want because they know someone will slip up.”
— Mike Aoki

Measure what matters

While training and access to knowledge are crucial to rep enablement, leaders should also provide their teams with clear metrics. While this is nothing new, many leaders still focus on antiquated and transactional metrics that fail to correctly measure performance in an omnichannel environment. As the customer journey changes, it’s important for customer service teams to also change how they measure success.

“The customer experience is built for change. If you’re not adapting to your customer’s experience, then you’re lagging behind. One of the best ways to know that is by looking at your measures and asking if they’re still helpful, actionable, and linked to today’s goals.”
—Ben Collet

Start on the path to enablement with Lessonly’s newest ebook

With this ebook, your customer service team will be better prepared to deliver amazing customer experiences. World class-organizations have an enablement plan that empowers reps with confidence and readiness to Do Better Work. Download Enabling Customer Service Success in an Omnichannel World, and get started today.

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