3 Ideas for Customer Service Training Activities

One of the biggest challenges a customer support team manager faces at his or her job is ensuring that all customer service representatives are properly trained and prepared to handle just about any situation. Customer service training activities offer a hands-on approach to teaching and learning for your employees.

Here are a few activities that can help you get started:

1. The “No” Word

The word “no” is a trigger word that has been known to evoke negative emotions in customers. It is the one word every customer service agent should avoid using unless necessary.

Divide your group into two teams and have them come up with different ways to say “no” without actually saying the word “no.” When done, bring both teams back together to compare answers. Eliminate any answers that may still have a negative impact on the a customer‘s problem. The team with the most effective answers remaining will win the exercise.

2. Who Are You?

The ultimate goal of this customer service training activity is to get everyone in the group working together and realizing their similarities and differences. Knowing each others’ differences will help customer service representatives know who they can turn to in situations they themselves are unable to successfully take care of.

Make four sets of signs with the following words written on them:

  • Set 1: Competitive, Compromising, Collaborative, Accommodating
  • Set 2: Caring, Care Giver, Cared For, Cared About
  • Set 3: Talkative, Quiet, Outgoing, Watcher
  • Set 4: Tired, Confused, Happy, Eager

Reveal each set separately. For example, ask “Are you competitive, compromising, collaborative or accommodating?” Then, ask each participant to stand next to the sign they relate to the most. Then, select one person in each group to explain why he or she relates more to the word selected. Continue with the next three sets of cards.

This is a great icebreaker for new customer service representatives to be integrated into the group. It also helps individuals to clearly understand their own characteristics.

3. Ridiculous Complaints

This activity is intended to help customer service representatives prepare to handle complaints from customers that may, or may not be, a bit ridiculous. To play, make a list of ridiculous complaints that your employees have encountered in the past and may possible encounter in the future.

Examples of ridiculous complaints include:

  • “The water is too wet.”
  • “I bought my purse from a street vendor only to discover it was fake. I want to return it to you.”
  • “The sand at the beach does not look like the sand in the flyer.”

This activity can be executed as a group or during one-on-one training sessions. These scenarios can also be discussed through role-playing customer service games, showing how each representative would take care of the situation.

As a customer service team manager, you are well aware of the importance of great customer experience and ensuring all of your representatives are trained properly. The above-listed activities are just a sampling of what you can do with your representative, ensuring they are prepared to handle every customer service situation that comes their way. Another helpful resource to use to further your team’s ability to serve customers is our customer service training manual.

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