3 Answers to 1 Question: What Makes Employee Training Software User-Friendly?

What makes employee training software user-friendly? Employee training software is the most user-friendly when it’s designed for end-users, offers simple content creation and management permissions, and comes with a dedicated Customer Experience Manager that’s committed to helping your team succeed.

I serve on the inbound team here at Lessonly, so every day, I get to connect with people from companies who are looking to purchase employee development software. One of the most common responses I hear from department leaders when I ask if there are any specific features they’re interested in, is that they would like the software to be user-friendly. And I totally get it.

There’s been a ton of discussion lately about how managers should be recruiting and managing an increasingly age diverse workforce because we now have people who were born during World War II working alongside generations of people in their twenties. 

Diversity in our workforce doesn’t stop with age, of course. Companies are hiring teams of people that have vastly different educational, cultural, and professional backgrounds today more than ever. So, you must be wondering, what do diverse people, the baby boomers, and Gen Z all share in common? 

They all need a training solution to help them do their best work. And I’d argue they need online training software to optimize for user-friendliness. 

Knowing that there are lots of companies claiming their e-learning software is user-friendly, how do you evaluate a learning platform to make sure it really is? I’ve broken down three critical things to think about when shopping for employee training software

1. You need a tool that’s designed with the end-user experience in mind. 

It starts with the company’s vision. One of our core values at Lessonly is, “Put learners first.” This means that when we develop a new feature in our learning management system, we start by asking ourselves if it will truly improve the learner experience. Only then do we decide to move forward and build the feature in question. 

When researching different training tools for employees, one user-friendly feature that makes sense to see live is our search function. As a frontline employee who connects with new prospective clients with a variety of questions, the most common way I use our own online employee training software is by searching for keywords related to a question I have.

According to research on the science of learning over the last 20 years, retention increases when students learn something when they need to apply the material directly in their lives, and it improves their attitude toward learning. 

The result? Employees become more engaged with what they’re learning. They’ll be more likely to proactively go through training to improve their performance in their current role and to prepare for their next one. 

2. You need a tool with a powerfully simple admin experience and easy content creation.

We also understand that being user-friendly includes being friendly and accessible to admins and managers because who wants to spend hours figuring out how to use another online training system? 

Many established learning and development teams direct their resources towards creating courses using authoring tools like articulate software. Other teams however, want to open up content creation for the respective subject-matter experts in each department, and are looking for a solution that’s more of a “drag and drop, copy and paste” fix.

That’s why we’re so excited about Lessonly’s built-in authoring tool, which makes building learning content from scratch as easy as bringing together a slide deck, and makes transferring existing content into the LMS a breeze.

3. You need a tool with a strong customer experience team that’ll get in the trenches with you.

As many training LMS users know, product design is just one aspect of being user-friendly. When you decide to invest in an online employee training platform, it’s important to consider how much human support you’ll get as a customer. 

At Lessonly, we are more than just software—as a Lessonly client, you will be paired with a dedicated Customer Experience Manager, who will be your resource as you start implementing Lessonly, building your training plan, and measuring your success. 

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