Introducing New Additions to Lessonly for Enterprise

It’s normal to assume that training changes as a company grows. A company of 30,000 inherently has much more complexity, larger team structures, and different needs than a company of 300. Our focus for serving Enterprise customers is to help them scale simply and introduce complexity only where necessary so teams can continue to move

8 Can’t Miss Leadership Conferences

Business leaders are expected to stay ahead of the latest trends, grow as an individual, and encourage development among their team members. As you strategize how to crush your goals and enhance your leadership skills, there’s one key opportunity to include in your plan — attend a conference. Great leaders understand that continuous learning is

What makes a good mentor?

I am asked this question a lot. But I don’t think I’m informed enough to answer it well. I’d like to change that. Maybe you can help. What makes a good mentor? In your eyes, what are a mentor’s primary traits and responsibilities? Are there resources that have clarified mentorship for you? If so, please