3 Tips for Long-Term Customer Service Success

Brad is the VP of Customer Service for a large, global retailer. His team receives exemplary CSAT and NPS scores—indicating customer service success—but he’s still losing sleep. He needs to ensure that millions of customers receive a seamless and positive experience today, and for years to come. Whether updating customer service policies or employing new,

5 Reasons to Get Your Better Work Score

Annie is talented, young leader at a Fortune 500 company. She and her team are responsible for enabling and training frontline employees—from sales to customer service—on new product releases and process changes. Keeping thousands of people on the same page is no easy task—and even small changes applied at scale could impact millions of dollars

Science as a Service: How to Transform Learning

We’ve all heard of Software as a Service. But at ADVISA, we’re redefining SaaS to Science as a Service. And when we say science, we’re talking about the science of behavior. Just like a software application that makes life easier, we believe behavioral science can help leaders understand the learning styles of their team to accelerate

Yellowship Captain’s Log: Thursday Recap

Thank you for joining us—either in-person or from afar—for #Yellowship18! The final day of the conference was the perfect conclusion to our journey. Here are a few takeaways from the last day of Yellowship: We were inspired to learn. “It’s not that people are too busy to come to training, they aren’t seeing how it

Yellowship Captain’s Log: Wednesday Recap

The first day of Yellowship was smooth sailing! Our time together was full of energy, learning, and fellowship. We’re excited to see you tomorrow to conclude our voyage. Thanks for being a part of the Yellowship crew! Here are some highlights from our day: We learned how great teams Do Better Work. “Psychological safety is

10 Things to Know Before Yellowship

Yellowship begins on Tuesday—and we cannot wait to have so many of our favorite customers and friends join our crew here in Indy. Before departing for Yellowship, here are a few things to remember: With a jam-packed agenda that features 5 inspirational keynotes, 15 engaging breakouts, and more than 30 contributing speakers—there’s something at Yellowship

How AI Will Impact Training

Sam works as a customer service representative for a large national bank. He receives a notification from the company’s chatbot about an interaction with a long-time customer, Linda. Sam immediately notices that Linda visited a branch to inquire about a new credit card and applied for one through their website last night. Sam takes over

Three Universal Human Needs

I wrote last week about appreciation. As of late, I’ve been captivated by The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry. One of Lessonly’s customers recommended it to me, and it continues to move and challenge me. The “thin book” descriptor is accurate: It’s just sixty pages. But what it lacks in thickness, it makes up for in content.

How we Make Remote Work Work

This morning, the Lessonly marketing team gathered for our daily standup. A soaring mountain landscape filled the TV screen. That’s not our screensaver though—it’s Alex. Alex is one of Lessonly’s remote teammates, and today, he’s conferencing in from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Tough life, right? In all seriousness, Lessonly’s remote workers are some of our hardest-working