The Yellowship Attendees’ Guide to Indy

As one of the 15 hottest tech cities and fifth city for tech industry growth in the U.S., Indianapolis is home to a new generation of startups—including Lessonly. We’re extremely proud of our Midwestern roots and are thrilled to welcome Yellowship attendees to our hometown this April. While attendees can look forward to the exciting

The Next Generation of Contact Centers [Infographic]

Over five years of working with customer service leaders and executives, we’ve seen firsthand that the best-enabled customer service reps deliver the most exceptional experiences. In a world where customers want to be heard, understood, and appreciated, reps need to be trained, inspired, and empowered to do so. That’s why we were captivated by Deloitte’s

How to Build a Self-Sufficient Customer Service Team

Carla is the manager of a large customer service team. They handle thousands of customer interactions every day through phone calls, emails, and chat messages. Recently, her company expanded its product and services offerings to a larger customer base. Now, Carla’s team is working harder than ever. Her already busy days are frequently interrupted by

On Fighting Fairly

It is entirely human to feel tension and conflict in high-growth environments—in fact, tension is a naturally occurring phenomenon. But teams that are able to disagree, lean into the tension, and healthily work towards a solution have an under-appreciated superpower.

How Adults Learn: 5 Tips To Engage your Customer Service Reps

For most people, the word ‘learning’ evokes memories of the classroom. We recall sitting behind a desk for hours at a time, receiving an endless amount of information from the teacher, and jotting down unorganized notes. Then, after reading tediously long textbook chapters, writing papers (double-spaced, Times New Roman), and completing multiple projects, our knowledge

Insights for the Best Sales Teams in the Galaxy

Every month, thousands of companies release new products and features. In the midst of corporate change and new product offerings, salespeople are often on the frontlines of communicating these new opportunities to the world. But with an ever-changing market, sales teams must stay ahead of the speed of business if they want to succeed. That’s

Insights for the Best Customer Service Teams in the Galaxy

If we’ve learned one thing from years of working with customer service teams, it’s that an amazing customer experience is easy to champion, but hard to deliver. The rapidly changing realm of customer service makes it increasingly difficult to provide stellar service over and over again. Our newest ebook, The Future of Customer Service: Insights for

Why “Yellowship”?

What is it about Lessonly that makes it unique? It’s hard to explain, but it’s definitely real. We are focused on doing everything we can so that our team, our customers’ teams, and teams across the world can do better work. What does that mean, exactly? For starters, we believe doing better work is inseparable