4 Training Needs for Sales Managers

Ollie is the sales team’s highest-performing sales rep quarter after quarter. His consistency and performance are acknowledged with a promotion to sales manager. However, as a sales manager, Ollie fails to manage and lead his team to success. This situation happens far too often among sales teams. A sales rep might be a top performer,

How to Define Sales Enablement? Look to Netflix.

“If you ask ten different people what Sales Enablement is, you’re going to get ten different answers.” As a job function, sales enablement is a relatively new idea. Figuring out exactly what sales enablement jobs entail is challenging—and differs from workplace to workplace. So we turned to someone who thinks about enablement—all day, every day.

Robots or Reps: What Makes a Great Customer Experience

Technology is rapidly changing the customer support industry. Long gone are the days where call centers are solely defined by phone interactions. The modern call center has evolved to include intelligent call routing, queuing, live chat. And while these automation technologies are enhancing customer satisfaction, call centers shouldn’t replace call center agents with robots. To

5 Reasons to Revamp your Employee Training Plan for 2018

Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around dieting and fitness training. But, if you’re like most business leaders who are trying to ramp up productivity and engage employees, a more fitting resolution involves overhauling your employee training plan. Honestly, most companies need to reevaluate their training programs. Many training efforts fail to effectively develop employee skills

Introducing Video Response: Practice and Coach Essential Job Skills

A few weeks ago, a new salesperson here at Lessonly was about to start making calls and working deals on his own. In the past, the rep would have to pass a final test of sorts—including pitching to the Director of Sales, demonstrating clear product knowledge, and handling common objections with excellence. As our sales

One Million Stories…And Counting

It’s a big week for Lessonly. Yesterday, we announced our $8M Series B funding round. We’re immensely excited to invest in our product, team, and growth with this additional capital. But that’s not the most important thing that’s happening this week. We’re also celebrating the more than one million learners who have received training via