Rethinking the Call Center: 5 Characteristics of an Effective Training Program

Training call center employees is a challenge. It’s difficult to find enough time, so quality is compromised in order to train faster. Or, training is viewed as a hassle and stressor by agents. As a result, organizations often fail to develop agents capable of delivering productive, customer-centric experiences. Over the years we’ve helped a ton

The Future of Sales Training is Curiosity

There are over 20 million salespeople in the U.S. alone, according to Selling Power Magazine. Most of these reps are jockeying to close deals, meet quota, and move up in their sales org. And that’s how it should be—sales requires a strong drive to succeed, an ability to engage with people, and a wholehearted persistence.

Sales Training is like Storytelling

“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” Acclaimed creative writing teacher Robert McKee is considered by many to be the modern father of storytelling in film. McKee is just another story guru in a line ranging from Aristotle to Joseph Campbell, whose work on the hero’s journey has inspired

Rethinking the Call Center: Customer-First Training

Customer-centric call centers strive to deliver a phenomenal customer experience. The secret to doing so? Call center training that develops and empowers agents to deliver that great experience. The first step in creating a great call center training program is to understand exactly what customers want. In a survey performed by Customer Contact Week, customers

In Pursuit of Truly Great

Yellowship 2018

Registration for Yellowship, Lessonly’s first annual user conference, opens today. In honor of that, I’m taking a break from my regular note to share our thoughts on what it means to hold a great conference: Great conferences are set in inspiring spaces. Great conferences feature speakers who respect the audience’s circumstances; they offer ideas that