To Cooperate, or Collaborate: That is the Question

To Cooperate, or Collaborate? That is the Question.

At Lessonly, we believe that when sales teams learn together, they win together more. Oftentimes, sales can feel like an individual and lonely endeavor—reps struggling uphill to reach seemingly overwhelming quotas. But our sales team has found that when we help each other improve—sales development reps, account executives, managers, directors, and even the CSO—magic happens.

Prepping for the Holiday Rush: Customer Support Never Sleeps

customer support never sleeps

Although the holiday support rush is still months away, improving your team starts now. We recently talked to a few support thought leaders who provided us with some game-changing insights about increasing the productivity both existing reps and seasonal hires alike. Embrace productivity hacks If a process or task is difficult or convoluted, people naturally

Use Multiple Content Formats, Not Just One

Use Multiple Content Formats, Not Just One

Today, more and more companies recognize the importance of engaging team learning. But a logical question often is, “what should that learning look like?” This series of blogs spells things out pretty clearly: do this when building team learning, and don’t do that. These best (and worst) practices provide a framework for effective and engaging

Lessonly, Zuckerburg, and Things that Matter

lessonly zuckerburg things that matter

Tuesday, March 19th. 3:45AM. Standing in the living room in my unmentionables. Completely awake and visibly distraught. Urine-soaked warm-up pants on the floor. Spit-up stained shirt on the couch. My wife, Natalie, rubs her eyes and asks, “What the hell happened?” It was Day 5 of having our newborn at home. And I was losing

Announcing Yellowship

Lessonly Yellowship Blog Image

About a month ago, my teammates and I sat down with a few of our customers to catch up over dinner. We ended up talking and laughing for three and a half hours. This is not the first time I’ve had a meal like this, and it won’t be the last. We’ve found there is

Personalize Learning with Smart Groups

Personalize Learning with Smart Groups

Over the past year, the Lessonly team has grown drastically. And as we continually add new employees, we’ve experienced the difficulties of scaling a learning program firsthand. Excellent team learning requires great systems that both start new employees on the right track and ensure that veterans stay successful. Training also has to be dynamic—shifting along

Prepping for the Holiday Rush: Improve Time-to-Productivity and Reduce Costs

Prepping for the Holiday Rush: Improving Ramp Time and Cutting Costs

World-class support teams separate themselves from the pack by reducing the time-to-productivity of their seasonal hires. Given the cyclical nature of peak-season hiring, improving these reps’ onboarding and training isn’t a one-time bonus; it’s necessary for providing the level of service that customers expect. The benefits of better onboarding and training might seem abstract, so

Want to Transform your Sales Team? Go Agile.

Want to Transform your Sales Team? Go Agile.

Oscar Wilde claimed that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” As a sales leader, consider the truth of this nugget when developing your team. If you’re not sure how to best help the team or an individual rep reach the next level, look around you for inspiration and best practices. Sometimes, that inspiration comes