70/20/10 is the New 80/20

Training Modern Sales Teams Takes More than Just Online Training

Any amount of a bad thing is obviously not good. But too much of anything can be bad, too. For example, relying too much on online training, without occasional face-to-face meetings, can create inconsistencies within teams. This is a point that Max Meadow, Principal Advisory Analyst for Brandon Hall Group, investigated in his recent report

Learning Software? Lessonly is More than That.

Learning Software? Lessonly is More than That.

We are incredibly proud of our software, but when you buy Lessonly you aren’t just getting bits and bytes, you’re beginning a partnership. We won’t hand over the software and then go dark, only to surface when it’s time to renew. Lessonly is a team of learning consultants, ready to share everything we’ve learned across

Holiday Rush Prep Starts Here

Customer Support Holiday Rush Prep Starts Here

Customer support teams don’t need to wait until the leaves start changing or snow starts falling to prepare for the holiday rush. Proper planning for the peak season begins well in advance of the end of the year. Processes need to be defined and tools need to be in place so that customer support leaders

Peak Season Planning Secrets: Breaking Down Barriers to Maximum Productivity

Peak Season Planning Secrets: Breaking Down Barriers to Maximum Productivity

The last post in this peak season planning series shared ideas for onboarding agents quickly and effectively and reviewed two fundamental frontline metrics that matter most. This week, the third and final post in the series focuses on increasing the productivity of new customer support reps. When you get down to it, there are three

Learning ROI? It’s Real.

Learning ROI? It's Real.

Modern businesses agree on the importance of data, yet many have been slow to apply meaningful measurement to learning and training. That’s why Lessonly is built to measure the business impact of learning, so companies can continuously improve their training, teams, and business outcomes. Lessonly measurement tools quantify your team’s knowledge by identifying gaps in

The Best Perk? Forget the Ping Pong Table, Employees Want Flexibility

Best Employee Benefits? Culture and Flexibility

Employee benefits and perks have reached a new level thanks to workplaces like Google, Facebook, and other software giants. In a world where some employees are treated to gym memberships, massage therapy, and chef-prepared lunches, what do employees really value from their employers? If recent research from Fractl is to be believed, workplace flexibility is