Why Lessonly Integrated with Salesforce

At Lessonly, we work with hundreds of sales teams and support teams, and the bulk of them spend their workdays in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and/or Zendesk. These are the systems of record for the customer-facing teams that power our economy. Yesterday, we integrated with Sales Cloud. In weeks, we will announce our

Introducing Lessonly for Salesforce Sales Cloud: Invest in Your Reps and Measure Learning ROI

Your employees will do great work, if you teach them how. This phrase has guided Lessonly’s mission and software since it’s inception in 2012. And we’re not the only believers in the unmatched value of meaningful employee training. Ben Horowitz, co-founder of Andreesen Horowitz, agrees and believes that most companies don’t get as much value

Lessonly Will Pump, ? YOU UP ?

Lessonly Will Pump, ? YOU UP ?

The clock strikes 10:30AM and the first salespeople on the ground are exhausted. The people that join them a few moments later are just plain annoyed. It’s push-up time. Welcome to Lessonly’s push-up challenge, an idea dreamed up and executed by our very own Evan Wible. “Actually, I heard about it in college, but the

Build Better Lessons, Faster

Build More Lessons, Faster

Some people love building lessons. Others find it to be a challenge. No matter which camp you fall into, you’ve probably found yourself going through this inner monologue while you build: Is this helpful? Am I missing something? Gosh, is this clear enough? Uh oh, is this getting too long? The good news is, there’s

Lessonly Recognized as One of the Nation’s Best Company Cultures by Entrepreneur and CultureIQ

Lessonly Earns Coveted Ranking on 2017 Best Company Culture List by Entrepreneur and CultureIQ

One of our core values at Lessonly is “We have difficult conversations.” But today’s news is pretty easy to share: Lessonly has earned a Top 3 ranking in Entrepreneur and CultureIQ’s list of Top Company Cultures of 2017. Needless to say, our Co-founder and CEO Max Yoder was pretty pumped to receive the news: “This award is proof

Feedback is the Most Underrated Sales Asset

Feedback is the Most Underrated Sales Asset

Imagine this: a co-worker or manager approaches you and says, “I’ve got some feedback for you.” What’s your initial, gut reaction? If it’s not a good feeling, you’re not alone. A quick poll by Jack Zenger, CEO of the leadership development firm ZengerFolkman, showed that nearly 12% of the population has a high level of